EverString Data Platform Breaks New Ground in B2B Sales and Marketing

AI-Powered Platform That Delivers Clean, Actionable Data Is Driving High Value for B2B Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Underwriting Teams

EverString, the leading marketing and sales intelligence software company, announced record-breaking first quarter bookings that were 300% greater than the same period in 2017. In January, the company launched EverString Data Platform, setting a new standard for clean, reliable data that is constantly refreshed, improving, and expanding in real time.

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At the time of this announcement, J.J. Kardwell, CEO and Co-founder, EverString, said, “Our continued strong growth demonstrates that businesses put a high value on data they can trust.”

CEO of EverString added, “Historically, companies have had to choose between small pools of accurate data and large pools of low-accuracy data. Through the use of deep learning, automated machine learning, and our AI Control Platform, EverString is helping B2B organizations access a single source of data that has both the broadest coverage and the highest accuracy.”

Currently, EverString helps B2B sales, marketing, operations, and underwriting teams build pipeline, prioritize prospects, and streamline operations. EverString’s marketing and sales intelligence software put the power of artificial intelligence (AI), applied data science, and the most reliable data directly into the hands of marketing, sales, operations, and underwriting teams.

EverString gained several large new customers in the financial services, retail, insurance, business services, and technology sectors during its first quarter.  The company has hundreds of customers around the globe spanning the Fortune 50 to small and mid-sized businesses.

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EverString Data Platform is designed to give B2B sales, marketing, operations, advanced analytics, and underwriting teams detailed company intelligence, the ability to move with greater speed, and the confidence to land more and more valuable deals. EverString Data Platform covers the largest number of companies, delivers the highest accuracy, and uncovers the greatest depth of signals per company by using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and a proprietary Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) system. The result is data that is living, up to date and actionable.

EverString customers including FedEx, Oracle, and Terminus presented case studies on their success using the platform during the SiriusDecisions Summit in May in Las Vegas. Additional EverString customers include such market leaders as Apttus, Autodesk, Fortegra Financial, NewVoiceMedia, SalesLoft, Seagate, Snowflake, and Qualys.

With EverString, users are able to quickly expand and prioritize their pipeline, gain insight into relevant prospects, and directly access data with the highest accuracy and coverage.

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