Snowflake Teams with MicroStrategy to Deliver Fast Access and Rich Insight to Enterprise Data

The Integration of MicroStrategy and Snowflake Unifies Data Across The Enterprise, Giving Customers A Single Version Of The Truth

Snowflake Computing, the only data warehouse built for the cloud, and MicroStrategy Incorporated a leading worldwide provider of enterprise analytics and mobility software, announced a technology partnership to serve joint customers with a flexible and highly scalable cloud-built data warehouse, with modern business intelligence and predictive analytics applications. Together, Snowflake and MicroStrategy help customers take full advantage of the cloud and modern, sophisticated analytics to get fast answers to their toughest data questions.

The integration of MicroStrategy and Snowflake unifies data across the enterprise, giving customers a single version of the truth. The power, simplicity and high scalability of Snowflake takes the complexity out of fast, easy access to massive amounts of structured and semi-structured enterprise data, empowering business analysts to make data-driven decisions in less time.

Sharethrough, a leading provider of native advertising software for publishers and a joint Snowflake/ MicroStrategy customer, has streamlined and simplified its analytics pipeline and made data more accessible to users making critical business decisions. In the past, queries that took more than a weekend now take 30 seconds. Reports that ran in 45 minutes now take a few seconds, requiring the work of just one business professional.

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“Getting data for analysis was an extremely complex and time-consuming process for us, requiring hours to run a single report and forcing our business users to understand the underlying schema of our data warehouse,” Sharethrough’s senior staff engineer, David Abercrombie said. “We moved our core warehouse to the cloud with Snowflake and brought in MicroStrategy to make data easy to consume for nontechnical business users. We’re now running large reports in less than four seconds and our analysts can make better decisions based on much richer data.”

MicroStrategy CEO Michael J. Saylor said: “MicroStrategy’s collaboration with Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse brings clarity and insight to large volumes of data. Together, we’re helping customers turn that data into a tremendous competitive advantage.”

Because Snowflake is native to the cloud, it enables organizations to focus on using their data instead of managing infrastructure. Analysts get direct access to data without sacrificing flexibility, security or performance.

Bob Muglia
Bob Muglia

“MicroStrategy and Snowflake share a vision of breaking down barriers that once barred companies from enabling all of their data by all of their business users,” Snowflake CEO, Bob Muglia said. “The combination of Snowflake and MicroStrategy removes those barriers for any company of any size, including the largest enterprises that need to analyze massive amounts of data.”

Snowflake is the only data warehouse built for the cloud. Snowflake delivers the performance, concurrency and simplicity needed to store and analyze all data available to an organization in one location. Snowflake’s technology combines the power of data warehousing, the flexibility of big data platforms, the elasticity of the cloud, and live data sharing at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

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