Delkos Research Launches a Freemium Version of RAZR, it’s Behaviour Analytics Platform, to the Retail FX Industry

RAZR Lite Empowers FX Brokers to Utilize Analysis in order Optimize Key Performance Indicators

Delkos Research, provider of statistically-powered behavioural analysis models that optimize customer touchpoint strategies, announced the immediate availability of a freemium version of its platform RAZR. The offering helps FX brokers accelerate their digital transformation by providing them behaviour analysis for segmentation, CRM automation, and personalization of customer communication.

Most Forex brokers do not have the manpower or data science capabilities to efficiently analyze customer data into simple-to-action insight for their sales and marketing teams. RAZR empowers these FX brokers with the ability to easily digest and utilize this analysis to instantly impact Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The Delkos RAZR solution advances customer engagement in three key areas: 1-to-1 personalized communication, next best action or offer, and product or content offering. RAZR’s analysis of real-time data maps customer’s affinities and preferences to better understand their unmet needs and provide them with items to elicit greater engagement.

“I always felt there was so much value to be gained from looking inwards at retaining active clients, instead of always taking the churn-and-burn approach to marketing, however, the retention techniques commonly used just never seemed to provide a large enough impact on ROI.” -CEO Salvatore Buccellato.

The freemium offering of Delkos RAZR, RAZR Lite, is designed to be risk-free proof of concept for the impact of behaviour analytics in customer retention and monetization.

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