Incognia Introduces New Location-Based Device Authorization Solution

Location-based Device Authorization module enables apps to establish trust in new devices without adding user friction

Mobile authentication pioneer Incognia, announced the launch of a new location identity fraud detection module to support mobile app security for customers across finserv, crypto, social networks, online gaming and more. Incognia’s latest solution module is Location-based Device Authorization which prevents fraud following device change at login.

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Authorization of new devices on mobile is one of the highest friction and highest risk points in the user journey. When new devices attempt a login, the challenge is determining whether this is the legitimate user, or a fraudster using social engineering to get access to the user’s credentials. Traditional device fingerprinting solutions are useless in establishing trust in new devices, and as a result most organizations have been forced to employ multi-factor authentication (MFA), which increases user friction and ultimately creates a poor user experience. The Incognia Location-based Device Authorization solution is designed to address the challenges of establishing trust in new devices without adding user friction.

Incognia provides a highly accurate risk signal using anonymized location behavior and device intelligence to detect high risk devices attempting to login before fraud occurs. At login, Incognia delivers a risk assessment based on checking the device integrity and whether the current device location is consistent with the user’s historical location behavior pattern. In an internal study, Incognia identified that 89% of legitimate device authorizations occur at trusted locations, which are places that the user visits most frequently, such as home.

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Key benefits and features include:

  • Reduced friction when legitimate good users change their mobile device
  • Reduction in account takeovers due to social engineering
  • Real-time validation of trusted devices with global geographic coverage

“The frequent use of one-time passwords over SMS for new device authorization in mobile apps is causing users unwanted friction and frustration, while also serving as an inadequate security measure to keep fraudsters out,” said André Ferraz, founder and CEO of Incognia. “We’re excited to expand Incognia’s fraud prevention capabilities with our new module, using anonymized location behavior and device intelligence to detect high risk devices attempting login and catch fraud before it happens. Leveraging trusted location behavior allows our customers to enable a frictionless authentication experience.”

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