OmniBazaar Marketplace Now Accessible in 16 New Languages

Omnibazaar, Omnibazaar, Inc., Developer of the Omnibazaar Online Distributed Marketplace, Announced Today That Its Omnibazaar Software Has Been Translated into 16 New Languages

An updated version of the OmniBazaar e-commerce software has been released in 16 additional languages, making the marketplace accessible to more than 3.6 billion new users. In addition to English, the OmniBazaar user interface is now available in Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Turkish, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian and five other languages. These seventeen languages are spoken, either as a first or second language, by about 4.7 billion people.

OmniBazaar brings financial inclusion and free enterprise to billions of people who are currently under-served by modern financial systems. The OmniBazaar marketplace provides a simple “on-ramp” to both e-commerce and cryptocurrency for billions of “un-banked” people worldwide, by allowing users to “barter for bitcoin”. People without a bank account or credit card can now barter a product or service to immediately receive OmniCoins, Bitcoins or Ether.

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“With this new release, OmniBazaar is now accessible to about two thirds of the world’s population,” said Co-founder and CEO, Richard Crites. “We are proud to make both e-commerce and cryptocurrency possible for billions of people who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards”. “These are consumers that Amazon, eBay and Alibaba cannot serve,” Crites continued.

The OmniBazaar marketplace is based on a patented “peer-to-peer-to-peer” technology. Marketplace features include a choice of three built-in cryptocurrencies, a simple escrow system, community policing to eliminate illegal listings, and a social messaging system. The OmniBazaar marketplace can be completely free to use, for both buyers and sellers, if neither party chooses any of the optional marketplace services.

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The production version of the OmniBazaar software is available now. Installers are available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. When early adopters join, they receive 2,500 free OmniCoins for use in the marketplace.

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