BentoBox Launches Pre-Order & Catering to Help Restaurants Drive High-Margin Revenue This Holiday Season

New catering product brings simplicity of BentoBox Online Ordering to catering as restaurants anticipate influx of business in Q4

BentoBox, the Marketing and Commerce Platform that accelerates growth for over 7,000 restaurant brands worldwide, announces the launch of Pre-Order & Catering to help restaurants streamline operations, improve the guest experience, and drive more revenue in time for the holiday season.

Digital pre-sell orders are a “win-win” for restaurants and their diners, but most restaurants lack the time, staff, or budget to put an effective ordering system in place. Instead, they are reliant on error-prone processes like phone calls, online inquiry forms, and high-commission marketplaces that cut into their profits. BentoBox Pre-Order & Catering brings the ease and simplicity of online ordering to catering, providing restaurants with the leading, first-party resources to capture advanced orders and turn pre-sell customers into repeat diners.

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“The end of the year is one of the busiest times for restaurants, due in large part to increased catering volume. BentoBox found that Q4 makes up 52% of the year’s total catering orders on average,” said Krystle Mobayeni, Co-Founder and CEO of BentoBox. “After a tumultuous year of the Delta Variant threatening the reopening progress and a hiring crisis impacting staff, restaurants are in need of a reliable and efficient way to drive revenue this holiday season. We’re excited to offer restaurants a Pre-Order & Catering solution that supports busy restaurant operations.”

For restaurants, BentoBox Pre-Order & Catering comes in time for the hectic holiday season, enabling them to drive more revenue while streamlining front-of-house and back-of-house operations. With a user-friendly dashboard, restaurants can manage incoming orders in real-time, automate payment and printing, and easily fulfill orders. BentoBox Pre-Order & Catering streamlines menu control, allowing restaurants to roll out seasonal menus up to months in advance. Rather than tracking orders manually, or relying on a high-commission marketplace, restaurants can attract more diners to their site with built-in tools for SEO, email, and loyalty to drive more orders–and keep 100% of revenue.

For diners, BentoBox Pre-Order & Catering is improving their experience with a website interface designed for simplicity and conversion. Instead of time-consuming processes like phone calls or one-sided order forms, customers can browse seasonal catering menus, customize their orders, and complete one-click payment, all from the restaurant website. This customer-centric design results in a 98% checkout rate on cart additions for online orders. Further, Pre-Order & Catering through BentoBox links with restaurant loyalty and rewards programs, so customers are incentivized to make future purchases.

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BentoBox customers are seeing tremendous results, boosting revenue over $3,000 per month while saving over three hours per day in order fulfillment. These results are creating a 38x return on investment for restaurant users.

“Before catering we had a couple of options, which required us to search for orders when customers called and wanted to go over the details or make changes,” said Paul Wahba, Owner of Rutt’s Cafe, a Los Angeles-based Hawaiian cafe and caterer. “Now, customers can order, get quoted much faster and it gives us fixable menus and prep times. With Pre-Order & Catering, I know that every single customer who’s ready to place a catering order can do so quickly, and my kitchen can prepare it well in advance. We have grown our contacts to 27,500 and continue to grow this every month. Our loyalty program with Pre-Order & Catering made us $700 in its first week live.”

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