Brand Wings today announced the release of its Brand Wings Analytics dashboard, a differentiating new capability in the company’s channel partner marketing automation platform. The Analytics console helps channel-driven brand executives analyze and better understand their partners’ sales activity. Its ability to graphically display historic and current details about which marketing assets are being used, when, how, and by whom gives brand marketers clear and useful insights for channel assessment, planning, and decision making.

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A compelling benefit of Brand Wings Analytics is its configurability, which provides extra visibility across the entire channel network or to a single partner. Its intuitive user interface allows the brand to filter and arrange raw data into a wide variety of charts and graphs to view channel performance from multiple perspectives.

With Analytics, the brand executive can view sales activity by individual partner, rep, date range, template, and brand asset. A key feature is the ability to set targets for each partner or rep and compare the actual performance against those targets. The Analytics dashboard also interprets the data trends and provides insights relevant to the business. As a result, the brand can better understand each partner’s performance and subsequently make better-informed decisions.

Further still, Analytics allows brands to more effectively manage their sales channel operations using configurable key performance indicators (KPIs). A variety of sales and marketing activity targets can be easily customized, monitored, and analyzed by the brand. The partners’ performance against those targets is reported in intuitive, color-coded graphs, providing clear visibility in an immediate feedback loop.

These examples of Analytics flexibility, speed, and interactive responsiveness all help to separate Brand Wings from most other through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) platforms, many of which are rigid and narrow in the scope of what insights they deliver and how.

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For marketing managers, these insights allow for better management and development of branded assets and templates like product brochures, videos, and sales presentations, even across multiple versions. This version control helps ensure that channel partners are using only the most current and accurate version.

“Without intelligent interpretation, most data sitting in spreadsheets and legacy tools is useless for meaningful decision making. Analytics makes channel activity data ‘make sense’ and delivers simple and actionable insights,” says Jason Kammes, Brand Wings chief revenue officer. “Through Brand Wings, these insights and channel performance assessments help brands make informed, meaningful, fact-based decisions.”

Brand Wings Analytics simply helps build better channel knowledge and thus better channel support. By providing the Brand Wings platform through their channel partners, this intelligent automation accelerates the sharing of relevant knowledge, creating a path to greater sales success.

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