ChaosSearch Named in 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Analytics Query Accelerators

ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform delivers high-performance log and SQL analytics at scale, in situ within cloud object storage

ChaosSearch announced it was included as a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Analytics Query Accelerators. The report offers guidance on vendors that provide structured query language (SQL) or SQL-like query support on a broad range of data sources to deliver business intelligence (BI) dashboards, interactive query capabilities, and support for data modeling.

“Analytics query accelerators provide a means of making data in semantically flexible data stores more accessible and performant for production and exploratory use. For those data lakes that store some of their data in semi-structured or structured and understood form, the accelerators provide a means of accessing the data in situ,” said Gartner. “Data and analytics leaders should use these offerings to accelerate time to value of their data lake initiatives.”

Gartner mentions that Analytics Query Accelerator Vendors are typically able to connect to a variety of data sources, from traditional relational database management systems (RDBMS) to semantically flexible stores, in support of data lakes. Vendors are also able to support open standards for ingest, persistence, or both, as well as standard APIs for querying, such as SQL via open database connectivity (ODBC) or Java database connectivity (JDBC). In evaluating vendors, Gartner also looks for specific optimizations related to performance, governance and security, and data harmonization.

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“Data and analytics leaders should use these offerings to accelerate time to value of their data lake initiatives.”

The ChaosSearch Data Lake Platform helps organizations overcome challenges posed by costly, siloed analytics solutions that limit the amount of data that can be analyzed at scale. The platform empowers users to perform both log analytics and SQL queries concurrently and in situ from their cloud object storage, without the data pipelining, transformation, or movement that most other data lakes, data warehouses, and data lakehouses require today.

“By turning cloud object storage into a hot analytical data lake, our platform is the only one capable of eliminating the time-intensive process of moving and preparing data for analysis,” said Thomas Hazel, CTO and founder, ChaosSearch. “With access to both SQL and log analytics in the same unified platform, organizations can get faster, better data insights at a fraction of the cost. We believe our inclusion in the Gartner Market Guide for Analytics Query Accelerators is validation of this approach and the power of our solution.”

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Cloud-first organizations including Blackboard, Digital River, and Equifax use ChaosSearch to provide boundless access to multi-structured data for unparalleled analytical insights that fuel business decisions. Elasticsearch and AWS OpenSearch users can use ChaosSearch to supplement their log analytics with SQL for robust operational analytics, ad hoc queries, long-term trend analysis, always-on reporting, and dashboards. The ChaosSearch platform is proven to deliver up to 80% cost savings compared to existing analytics solutions.

“We have a database where you can put in a client’s name and pull up the information related to their uploads, how many users they’ve uploaded into the system, etc. — basic data that our technical integration and technical support teams need to know about,” said Jimmy McDermott, CTO, Transeo. “We are really looking forward to tapping ChaosSearch’s SQL capabilities to be able to pull together that structured data and unstructured data into one place so when you put in the district’s name and identifier, you’re not only getting things that are stored natively within our relational database, but you’re also getting deeper visibility into actual usage at the very granular server level. Our sales team is going to want this, our marketing team is going to want this–it’s going to really pull everything together in one place.”

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