ClickFox Brings Analytic Decision Making Through Conjoined Data

ClickFox Brings Analytic Decision Making Through Conjoined Data

ClickFox’s Journey Science Ecosystem Gives Executives And Business Analysts Unprecedented Visibility Into Consumer Journey Complexities And Automatically Surfaces What Matters From The Millions Of Behavior Variations

ClickFox, The Journey Company, leaps forward again proving itself as an innovation leader by breaking the square, boring, Big Data barrier with its next-generation journey science product, Fox, and becomes the first Technology leader to give data a meaningful shape.

Do your analytics efforts consist of a bunch of people spending half of their time finding the right data and a quarter of it making sense of it before actually analyzing anything? We wonder sometimes if humans grasp the difference between Analytics and Reporting. This is interesting since humans are presently still the most advanced analytics engines. There is a better way. Have all of your data automatically connected into journeys, ready for rapid recurring analysis, and reveal the shape of your company’s data with Fox.

What does the image of a smiling face tell you? You instantly know exactly what it means. Imagine being able to have the same certainty about the meaning, value, dependence, and importance of every element of data across your business. Better yet in a form a business savvy individual can understand and use to make intelligent decisions. Fox enables executives to make decisions driven by fact. Facts that are only obtained when fully understanding the context surrounding behavior from connected journeys.

ClickFox is the inventor of Journey Analytics. The concept of analytic decision making through conjoined data is not dissimilar to how the human mind processes information. The new generation of Fox sets the foundation for our product roadmap to use AI, Machine Learning, and best-in-class in-memory processing to automatically surface the value of data in a presentation so easy to understand that executives can instantly make informed decisions. Seeing truly is believing. The new data ingestion and journey creation capabilities put the power in business users hands and eliminate the need for costly data services. Fox can turn your data into journeys within 24 hours.

Fox breaks through the user experience barrier to deliver a whole new way to visualize the behavior of your data though Journeys. The ground-breaking journey-centric visualizations put teeth behind those squishy journey maps and assumptions by dynamically populating journey maps with big data, at scale. You can now see what is actually happening.

ClickFox has incorporated over 15 years of vast data experience into the Fox core technology so you don’t have to worry. This next-generation technology sets the stage for the automatic creation of journeys directly from raw data. The Fox platform, along with other applications in the Journey Science ecosystem (like Journey Trace), gives executives and business analysts unprecedented visibility into these journey complexities and automatically surfaces what matters from the millions of behavior variations.

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