TechBytes with Ryan Pfenninger, Chief Technology Officer, 250ok

Ryan Pfenninger 250ok

Ryan Pfenninger
Chief Technology Officer, 250ok

Email analytics are a critical part of the martech stack. We spoke to Ryan Pfenninger, CTO, 250ok, to understand what the future holds for this technology.

MTS: How did 250ok prepare for the funding round?
Ryan Pfenninger:
Over the past several years, 250ok has developed an expansive platform to where we now power some of the biggest names in MarTech. Through this work, we have closely watched the role that data and actionable insights play in today’s successful marketers.  Prior to our funding, we worked to:

  • Create a world-class email analytics platform
  • Build an expansive list of happy clients and partners that heavily rely upon our platform to drive their businesses
  • Form a unique perspective on the technology, actionable data, and insights that are needed to power today’s marketers

The timing of our funding is to continue the evolution of our platform to fully embrace the data, technology, and insights needed for the data-driven marketers of today.
MTS: What do your product development and market expansion roadmaps look like till 2022?
Ryan: Product roadmap: While we’re not in a position to share our product roadmap — something that will continue to separate us from our competition — it’s safe to say that combining the right email data with the right AI/machine learning will fuel a broadening our of product suite in the coming years, as marketers become more data-driven and expect their MarTech solutions to become more intuitive and provide greater value.

Market expansion: 250ok’s market expansion falls into three growth areas:

  • We will continue to penetrate into the many MarTech platforms that marketers rely upon today.
  • 250ok’s platform has become a critical component for many enterprise organizations and we see this as a largely untapped market
  • International privacy concerns, especially in the EU, have caused a growing level of interest from around the world and will be a key expansion area for 250ok

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MTS: Tell us about your partnerships with Marketo, SendGrid, and SparkPost?
250ok was originally founded on helping to solve the problems that the largest MarTech companies were struggling with. This focus led to the creation of a toolset that many companies quickly adopted. Our partners not only use 250ok to power their platforms but they often times make a subset of these tools available directly to their clients as the intersection of actionable data and insight combined with best of breed martech platforms, results in a winning combination.
MTS: How do you see the email marketing analytics industry evolving with the proliferation of AI/ML  capabilities?How do you prepare for the AI and new-age CX demands?
There are a huge number of companies that are focused on equipping marketers with the insights and segmentation needed to better target, communicate and sell to their markets. The winners in this space will be the platforms with not only the interaction layer but most importantly the wealth of data needed to make the most informed decisions. Today there are many platforms that generate broad generalizations based upon a narrow data set. 250ok’s intent is to leverage our rapidly expanding dataset, expansive platform and clients to better address the CX demands of tomorrow.

MTS: Thanks for chatting with us, Ryan.
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