Context Analytics Introduces Private Company Database

Context Analytics Data on the FTX Collapse

New Social Sentiment Feed Tracking Private Companies

Context Analytics just announced its Private Company Database, a new asset class as part of its suite of Social Sentiment feeds. The Private Company Database is an API feed presenting metrics on Twitter conversations about the top Private Companies and offers a new way for investors to analyze social brand and model pricing on these Private Companies.

“We are excited to show this new way to value and monitor private companies. This dataset allows private investors to measure traction, sentiment and monitor for risk,” says Joe Gits, CEO at Context Analytics.

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In regard to the FTX implosion, Gits explains, “This event was warned days in advance based on social sentiment.” The FTX event is a perfect use case of the Private Company Database.

Features and benefits of Context Analytics’ Private Company Database include:

  • Coverage of over 125 Private Companies
  • Accessible RESTful JSON API delivering metrics in real time
  • History going back to the beginning of 2021

Context Analytics has selected to work with ApeVue to develop products tailored to the private markets in 2023. ApeVue is the leader in private company pricing data.

“ApeVue’s greatest strength is providing market-driven price transparency across closely followed unicorn stocks. CA data is an invaluable complement since sentiment signals become profoundly important in the absence of timely financials and company-reported statistics,” said Nicholas Fusco, Founder and CEO of ApeVue.

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