AgilOne Announces First-of-Its-Kind Cohort Analysis Solution Built within a Customer Data Platform

New analytics solution gives marketers the ability to track, compare, and analyze segments and campaign performance over time

AgilOne, the leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) for enterprise brands, unveiled AgilOne Cohort Analysis. Built for marketers, the analytical solution empowers marketers to gain critical business insights derived from the AgilOne CDP to drive marketing strategy — all through a self-service interface, thus eliminating dependencies on technical and analyst resources while providing the flexibility to meet unique business needs. By tracking cohorts over time, you can measure and compare marketing and sales performance using the KPIs that matter to your business (e.g., lifetime value, likelihood to buy, AOV), as well as more easily test and experiment with different variables that may have an impact on your business. Cohort Analysis provides instant insights as soon as data enters the AgilOne system.

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By offering Cohort Analysis as an application on top of cleansed, deduped, enriched, and unified CDP data, AgilOne gives marketers the most accurate and complete way to understand customers, campaigns, and KPIs.

Analytical teams can utilize Cohort Analysis in AgilOne’s reporting application, AgilOne Metrics, and in AgilOne Interactive Queries. Cohort Analysis lets marketing and analytics teams do the following:

  • Gain ad-hoc, self-service insights about audiences by slicing and dicing cohorts within AgilOne Metrics. AgilOne provides out-of-the-box, configurable dashboards and the ability to create your own dashboards and reports. For example, you can discover the top products bought by your recently reactivated customers to better retarget your lapsed customers.
  • Freeze cohorts and analyze periodic snapshots to identify changes, trends, and opportunities within your customer base over time. For example, you can learn whether audiences for a certain campaign are growing vs. shrinking, whether certain groups are buying more vs. less, or getting older vs. younger.
  • Understand the business impact of marketing campaigns. Dynamically attribute revenue to customer segments within configurable attribution windows. For example, you can report on key KPIs such as revenue, buyer count, and conversion rates across multiple campaigns or cohorts while attributing online and offline transactions.

Micro Center is among the nation’s leading computer and electronics device retailers, operating over twenty-five large, high volume stores in major markets nationwide that serve the needs of a wide variety of consumers. As an omni-channel retailer with sales both in stores and through the website, Micro Center needed a way to analyze campaign ROI and understand customer behavior, and AgilOne Cohort Analysis gave Micro Center the ability to do just this.

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“Simply put, Cohort Analysis is indispensable for extracting clear insights when conducting campaign or customer analysis,” said Deneke O’Reilly, VP Marketing Operations, Micro Center. “It cuts down our time to insights in a big way. I almost do not remember what the world was like without it.”

AgilOne also launched AgilOne Segment Builder, which allows marketers to create hyper-targeted segments and variants for use in campaigns as well as for cohort analysis. With Segment Builder, marketers can:

  • Create and split segments with an intuitive, drag-and-drop UI.
  • Prioritize segments to ensure each individual receives the best treatment.
  • Activate segments for personalization across engagement channels.

“With the launch of AgilOne Cohort Analysis, we are delivering a unique solution that is absolutely essential in the CDP space,” said Omer Artun, CEO of AgilOne. “Marketers are hungry to understand the true, long-term, multi-channel ROI of marketing campaigns and segmented audiences, and Cohort Analysis within a CDP is really the only way to accomplish this. We are thrilled to offer this much-needed solution, and we’re excited by the rapid adoption Cohort Analysis has had within our customer base.”

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