Fullpath Selected as Approved Turnkey Certified Provider for General Motors IMR Funds

Revolutionizing GM Dealerships with Enhanced Customer Data Platform and Data Activation Solutions

Fullpath, automotive’s leading enhanced Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platform (CDP), is proud to announce its recognition as an Approved Turnkey certified provider for General Motors (GM) In-Market Retail (IMR) funds. This significant endorsement allows GM dealerships across the United States to leverage Fullpath’s cutting-edge Customer Data Platform (CDP) and data activation marketing automation to elevate their marketing strategies and operational efficiency.

“By centralizing and streamlining data into Fullpath’s CDP, dealerships will gain insights into customer behavior.”

Fullpath’s enhanced CDP is designed to transform how dealerships consolidate, analyze, and activate customer data through marketing automation. By centralizing and streamlining data into Fullpath’s CDP,  dealerships will gain deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns with 360 degree views of each shopper. This comprehensive shopper dataset is then leveraged to create personalized, automated marketing campaigns to drive sales growth at scale.

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“We are honored to join the GM IMR program,” said Aharon Horwitz, CEO at Fullpath. “Our advanced CDP and data activation solutions via marketing automation are tailored to meet the unique needs of GM dealerships, helping them harness the power of their data to create more targeted and effective marketing strategies. This partnership underscores our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.”

As an Approved Turnkey Certified provider, Fullpath offers GM dealerships access to a suite of solutions that include:

– Customer Data Platform (CDP): Centralizes and organizes customer data from multiple sources to provide a unified view of each customer. 
 Digital Advertising: Activates your data to drive leads and brand awareness with smart, hyper-targeted digital ad campaigns. 
– VINs-Acceleration: Boosts at-risk VINs to get them seen and sold. 
– Audience Activation: Leverages your first-party data, including the entire CRM database and web activity, to activate more shoppers with email and SMS marketing automation.

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With Fullpath’s innovative solutions, GM dealerships can expect to see increased customer satisfaction, improved marketing ROI, and a stronger competitive edge in the market, with 1:1 co-op IMR Funds options.

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