HVR Launches HVR 6.0, Helps Organizations More Readily Adopt DataOps Strategies with Data Democratization

Latest Version of Foundational Solution for Enterprise Modernization Enables More Accessible Data Integration Deployments with Simplified User Experience, Automated Workflows, Pre-Configured Security Features, and More

HVR, the leading independent provider of real-time cloud data replication technology, announced HVR 6.0, a scalable and reliable data replication solution that provides the most efficient way to integrate large data volumes in complex environments. With new features and enhanced capabilities, as well as a completely reimagined user interface, HVR 6.0 enables simplified data integration deployments and modern manageability, helping organizations more readily adopt DataOps strategies to fully harness the power of their data.

With more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated each day, the volume, complexity, and trust of the data that strategic organizations need to process for real-time analytics is increasing. And, according to IDC, “not having enough data is not the problem — the problem is extracting business value from available data to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. DataOps has gained critical mass as a key methodology for extracting value from data.” Additionally, “[IDC] research shows that fully 89% of organizations view DataOps as ‘important, very important, or extremely important,’ yet only 10% of organizations have fully implemented it.”1

With HVR 6.0, DataOps initiatives become a reality through data democratization. By enabling more people in an organization to move high volumes of critical operational data to specialized analytical warehouses, data lakes, and event platforms, organizations can improve operational processes, reduce costs, and empower faster decision making for a more optimized business.

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Key features of HVR 6.0 include:

RESTful APIs: HVR 6.0 can now be completely and securely managed through RESTful APIs. This simplifies DataOps automation, making it easier to incorporate real-time data movement into new and existing data management strategies.

Sliced Refresh: Organizations store billions of rows in tables that can be terabytes in size, which can dominate initial load times, extending them by hours or days. HVR 6.0 table slicing can load massive tables much faster, speeding the adoption of new analytics systems and reducing time to value.

Pre-configured Security: More operational data flows between on premises, cloud, and intercloud than ever before, making network encryption no longer optional. HVR 6.0 can now configure network encryption, making it secure by default. HVR 6.0 also enables encryption at rest and stores keys securely in a local wallet or Amazon KMS (Key Management Store).

Browser-based User Interface: HVR 6.0 includes a reimagined interface with a simplified and intuitive design that is graphic rich and easier for users to point and click in the replication set up. Additionally, automated workflows dramatically simplify the deployment of initial data replication.

“Summit Materials is a geographically diverse, vertically-integrated aggregates-based business of scale, which offers customers a single-source provider of construction materials and related downstream products. We generate large volumes of operational and transactional data, as we serve customers throughout the United States and western Canada. HVR empowers us to make the data-driven business decisions we need, in real time, for our customers,” said Matt Hubble, senior database administrator at Summit Materials. “With the new features in HVR 6.0, HVR becomes even more important to us as we automate workflows and fully harness the power of our data.”

The HVR platform is a reliable, secure, and scalable way to quickly and efficiently integrate large data volumes in complex environments, enabling real-time data updates, access, and analysis. HVR facilitates the adoption of the three major cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – with Snowflake as the prominent choice on these cloud platforms. Data is replicated from the most widely used data platforms, including SAP, and validated to ensure the data delivered is accurate and made available for real-time consumption by key stakeholders.

“Enterprises understand the importance of DataOps and the role it plays in simplifying access to cross-organization operational data. Lack of easy, secure access has been a roadblock for countless data strategies. That roadblock has now been removed,” said Joe deBuzna, VP of products at HVR. “With workflow automation, point-and-click design, built-in security and user-based access control (UBAC), HVR 6.0 is a modern data replication solution that offers a step toward the data democratization organizations need to kickstart their DataOps initiatives and help achieve their data-driven business goals.”

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