QuickPivot Announces New Digital Marketing Capabilities to Customer Data Platform

New Data Onboarding Capability Helps Marketers Create Advanced Advertising Segments and Integrate Digital Marketing and Offline Campaigns

QuickPivot, the leading customer data platform company, announced a new capability that enables marketers to activate their first-party data for digital marketing. This new functionality allows QuickPivot to truly be a central system of record for customer marketing across all communication channels. Now with QuickPivot, marketers can create advanced audience segmentations for digital advertising as part of fully integrated cross-channel marketing campaigns.

QuickPivot’s customer data platform (CDP) unifies, refines and appends first-party data across the marketing ecosystem to create a single, unified view of the customer. With its new digital marketing capabilities, brands are able to seamlessly integrate their digital, email and offline marketing campaigns and better measure return on ad spend (ROAS). QuickPivot is one of the first customer data platform companies to bring these digital marketing capabilities to market.

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The primary benefit to using the QuickPivot CDP as a central system of record for customer marketing is that marketers can access a richer set of data than if they use a single point-solution such as CRM. The QuickPivot CDP ingests behavioral, transactional and demographic data and enhances it through strategic business rules, data appends, data transforms and more.

In addition to creating advanced audience segmentations, marketers can also use QuickPivot to create suppression audiences. For example, because QuickPivot is able to ingest purchase data, marketers can suppress advertisements that may no longer be relevant to specific customers, ultimately saving marketers money.

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“The ability to activate first-party, CDP data across any marketing channel fundamentally changes the way that marketers are able to approach digital campaigns,” says Paul Mandeville, Chief Product Officer and member of the Office of the CEO at QuickPivot. “Now, brands can use customer data that has been collected from systems throughout the marketing technology stack to create more strategic advertising segments for highly-personalized campaigns.”

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