Avocet Integrates With 180byTwo, Strengthening Audience Targeting Across the Americas

Avocet Integrates with 180byTwo

180byTwo data is now directly available in Avocet, the programmatic media-buying platform, to enable media buyers to leverage quality data and custom solutions for USA, CA & LATAM.

The Avocet DSP is expanding its data offering and has announced a new partnership with 180byTwo, the US data company specializing in North American and Latin American audience profiling, to make their segments readily available for media buyers using the Avocet platform. The independent DSP has seen increasing demand across these markets and sought to integrate directly with 180byTwo to provide sophisticated targeting options for these growing regions.

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The partnership arrives in market with complementary aims, as each company has a focus on providing pioneering solutions for brands and media buyers. Whilst 180byTwo aims to provide the industry with the highest quality data products and progressive solutions, Avocet aims to build sophisticated targeting and attribution models to run, and account the value of, every media buy. By bringing these solutions together, marketers are able to target their desired audiences seamlessly and assess the impact of their data strategies using Avocet’s incremental marketing tools and view-duration feature to measure consumer attention across each campaign.

The audience profiles that are unique to the 180byTwo proposition include B2B and account-based marketing segments in the US, Canada and LATAM, which use corporate campus polygons to identify online users that are employed by specific companies or sectors. Further to this 180byTwo Technographic data analyses behaviors that identify, for example, whether cloud computing software is in use and what the decision-maker is researching before and after their purchase journey. The strength of these data sets is shown by the 180byTwo methodology to curate accurate, authenticated and actionable data, compiled from a diverse global network of deterministic offline data, online publishers and qualified premium data partners to efficiently target accounts, professionals and consumers in the anonymized digital space.

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Commenting on the partnership, Ben Goldman, Chief Revenue Officer of 180byTwo commented, “We’re excited by Avocet and the expansive and dynamic platform they have built. 180byTwo is delighted to work with Avocet to enable advertisers to reach the right business professionals by viewing them as both consumers and professionals. 180byTwo’s mission is to provide the industry with the highest quality data products and solutions. We’re accomplishing this each and every day by working closely with our clients and partners, handcrafting world-class audience solutions focusing solely on their needs, goals and objectives.”

Avocet’s Director of Platform Operations, Erno Sombroek, also added: “We have seen increasing demand from Business marketers as brands in this space are seeing success from 180byTwo’s B2B and Technographic segments, which are enabling them to target niche business audiences they haven’t been able to profile so granularly before. We’re eager to see the results that our clients are able to achieve from this new partnership.”

The exciting news for media buyers and marketers is that the direct partnership with Avocet also provides access to the 180byTwo Custom Segments Service, where the data team curate consumer signals from online, offline and location to activate new audience target possibilities for clients. At the core of 180byTwo’s handcrafted segments is their focus on properly labelling and categorizing attributes for precise audience creation.

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