Leadspace-Bombora Partnership Drives Faster, Better-Quality Pipeline for B2B Sales and Marketing

Best-In-Class B2B Customer Data Platform + Best-In-Class Intent Data Creates End-To-End Data Intelligence Solution for B2B Sales and Marketing. Joint Customers Double Marketing Engagement, Drastically Shorten Sales Cycles

Leadspace, the leading Customer Data Platform for B2B Sales and Marketing; and Bombora, the leading provider of B2B intent data, have announced a new partnership to optimize Sales and Marketing teams’ ability to execute accurate, personalized customer engagement.

Through this partnership, Leadspace and Bombora customers can quickly zero in on their very best prospects and accelerate sales conversions, using the winning combination of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the most robust intent data coverage.

Leadspace leverages Bombora’s Company Surge  to guide Marketing and Sales teams to the most relevant topics to know who’s interested in what offering. Customers can combine the resultant intent insights with Leadspace Predictive and Persona scores to accurately predict prospects’ readiness to buy in real time.

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“Account-based strategies require a high level of personalization,” said David Tam, Director of Marketing at OneLogin and a joint Leadspace-Bombora customer. “You need to go after the right accounts, with the right message, at the right time, with the same message aligned across all sales, marketing and ad channels.”

“Using Leadspace and Bombora together we get that full picture: enriching our databases so our Sales, Marketing and SDR teams are all confident in the data; using AI modeling to prioritize and predict our best customers; and finally augmenting all that information with intent data to know who’s in-market for what, so Sales can focus on the best accounts in real-time. It’s helped us improve pipeline quality and marketing engagement – for example increasing email open rates by 60% and doubling reply rates – and dramatically speed up sales cycles.”


Leadspace and Bombora customers will benefit in a number of ways from this exciting partnership, including:

— Automating- Sales outreach by knowing when prospects are showing interest in relevant topics
— More accurate Marketing and Sales prioritization, by combining intent scoring and Predictive scoring models
— Identifying new prospects based on increased interest in relevant topics
— More personalized marketing and ad campaigns, by knowing when prospects are showing interest in specific topics/offerings
— Enabling account-based marketing (ABM) through accurate account list-building and engagement

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“Today’s B2B buyers expect personalized engagement of the kind they are regularly served as consumers.” Leadspace CEO Doug Bewsher explained. “That means understanding what’s important to them right now based on their most pressing business needs, and being able to act on that quickly.

“Leadspace customers are already seeing impressive results – like 40%+ increases in win rates and ASP – by identifying and engaging their ideal customers through Leadspace’s B2B Customer Data Platform.

“This partnership with Bombora adds another, crucial layer of intelligence for our customers to take advantage of: using intent signals to know when their prospects are showing interest, and what they’re interested in.”

“ABM succeeds when sales and marketing work closely toward the same goals.” said Erik Matlick, CEO and co-founder of Bombora. “The easiest way to find that success is for both departments to start with insights from a single data source. Intent data that shows which target accounts are actively in-market helps sales and marketing tailor their efforts to the best prospects, and avoid those that are not engaged in the buying cycle. Working with Leadspace ensures the easy orchestration of Bombora’s insights across these departments.”

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