Bombora Expands Its Platform and Includes Historical Data to Provide Further Insights on B2B Buyers

The Company’s Flagship Product Surge Will Now Extend Its Data Insights to Provide Historical Data of Up to 18 Months

Bombora’s platform provides the B2B Marketing Community with rich insights about buyers that are willing to buy business products. The company derives this data by keenly extracting content absorption of business personnel, for example, White Papers that they download or their footprints on the company website. Bombora announced on Monday about the launch of ‘The Historical Buyer Journey Analysis Tool.’ It extends Surge’s capabilities by providing an 18-month long trail of content absorption that ultimately led to a business product purchase.

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Bombora’s partner company provides them with a list of purchases of specific companies. Bombora then goes ahead and analyzes the content of these lists to determine the areas of interests of company stakeholders. Moreover, Bombora assigns a score to the topic of interest and highlights interest changes over a period of time to that topic. The company looks at 4,000 topics spanning 3,500 websites.

Hence, Bombora is opening up more data to its clients as against 2016, when the company originally rolled-out Surge via a DIY dashboard. While many other companies provide similar insights, Bombora’s historical tool provides actual use cases —real people who purchased products over a long enough timeline. Marketers can truly leverage this tool to figure out what works and what doesn’t. In a nutshell, marketers can be fairly confident about finding new customers taking into consideration what has worked with a certain buyer group that bought a specific product.

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Bombora, although, does not have a definite consensus on whether the historical data has added on to more prospects/sales. As more marketers leverage on Surge, the MarTech sphere can better understand the success of this tool.

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