EZ Texting Refocuses on Core Brand to Deliver Powerful Mobile Messaging to Businesses

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EZ Texting Empowers Customers to Easily Execute Marketing Campaigns, Send Real-Time Alerts, Promote Events and Deliver Customer Service

EZ Texting, the leader in mobile marketing for business, announced it is consolidating all its communication brands, including CallFire, under EZ Texting. This move reflects the growing importance of text messaging as a business communications solution and supports the rapid growth of the company’s flagship text messaging platform used by small and medium-sized businesses to more effectively reach their customers.

EZ Texting is revolutionizing how businesses personally connect with their audience. The company currently serves over 50,000 customers, consistently reaching over 40% of U.S. mobile users through its massively scalable platform. As the leader in the mobile messaging space, EZ Texting distinguishes itself by providing customers with a rich suite of communication tools that are simple to use and require no technical expertise to implement.

“We have a true passion and commitment to helping our customers connect with their customers via mobile messaging. We excel at delivering simple solutions that scale with our customers’ needs, and now is the time for our company to unite behind the EZ Texting brand,” said the company’s co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Punit Shah. “We already provide the easiest messaging solutions for business and it’s our mission to create an experience that delights and engages every mobile user.”

In the mobile world, innovation is key to bring real value to users. EZ Texting has demonstrated its dedication to this principle by delivering products that level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to compete with much larger rivals. Some of the new capabilities include:

Text-to-Landline: With EZ Texting’s Text-to-Landline, companies can receive and reply to text messages on their existing business phone number, even if it’s a landline or toll-free number. In addition to reducing phone calls and customers on hold, Text-to-Landline increases customer satisfaction; in fact, 80% of customers prefer to communicate with businesses by text. “I love their ability to plug into our landline phone number so customers get used to texting and calling that number,” says EZ Texting customer Scott Randall from Thumbtack.

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Automated Reminders: Automating appointments and reminders with text communication can not only be a significant time-saver, but a boost to customer satisfaction and revenue. EZ Texting users can mass text real-time updates or schedule one-time and re-occurring informational notifications. The online interface makes it simple to set and forget – reducing no-shows and saving workers valuable time. “I have already and will continue to recommend EZ Texting due to the ease of use, nothing complicated here. I am able to send meeting reminders and event reminders to everyone at once,” explains Wanda Belanger of Southeastern Louisiana Home Builders Association.

Picture Messages: Adding images or other media to a text message can dramatically increase its impact. EZ Texting customers can realize a 30% improvement in response rates just by adding media to their text content. “I’m a curriculum designer who sends out monthly texts to teachers who would be interested in my resources. My customers are visual and like to see my resources in action!” says Brittany Wheaton of The SuperHERO Teacher.

Rich Communications Services (RCS): RCS is a communications standard that upgrades SMS with features like integrated branding, rich media and secure transactions. This year EZ Texting joined Google’s Early Access Program for RCS and can customize implementations for enterprise customers. According to GSMA Intelligence, there are expected to be 4.3 billion RCS-enabled devices by 2020. “RCS represents the future of mobile marketing. We’re excited to help brands leverage this cutting-edge technology,” says TJ Thinakaran, EZ Texting’s COO.

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