20 Hot Brands on the Social Media Monitoring RADAR – Part II

Martech Series Features 20 Brands That Are Helping Businesses Maintain Their Social Media Footprint

‘Social Media Monitoring is all about finding out the buzz about your brand. It’s a lot of data collation and extracting meaningful insights in order to decide the direction in which a business has to be driven. This process happens via Social Media Monitoring tools and is not restricted to Social Media only. It also involves crawling into every nook and corner of the internet that can host data.’

Social Media Monitoring is reconnaissance, but for enterprise data. Enterprises can direct SMM tools to find precise information from specific locations. So, not only does this help businesses understand audience thoughts, but it also helps in preventing spam, fake news and a lot of other things.

This, then, definitely is a boon for enterprises who have a heavy online presence. This has become all the more important taking into perspective the fact that almost everybody who has access to the internet is speaking on several digital channels. By leveraging SMM tools, brands can truly bloom, especially over the internet.

While Part-1 in this series gave out the initial 10 hot brands, we conclude this series by listing the next 10 brands in Part-2. Here is the list:

11.          Sysomos

12.         Crimson Hexagon

13.         Meltwater

14.         Synthesio

15.         Sprout Social

16.         Cyfe

17.         Agora Pulse

18.         Buzzlogix

19.         Digimind Social

20.         Oktopost

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Sysomos converts social media performance into business intelligence that every business can use to reach out to a larger consumer base. Acting as a toned down database it’s a great tool to derive social insights.

Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon

From its beginning, Crimson Hexagon’s platform, at its core, has been into role-model Social Monitoring and Management Services. The platform is undoubtedly best-in-class and was designed keeping ‘growth opportunities’ as the main focus area. The company accelerates its focus area via optimizing campaign strategies and helping brands access one of the largest social data libraries. Crimson Hexagon can even deliver Sentiment Analysis and smarter content for stronger customer engagement.



Meltwater is a highly recommended product when it comes to content distribution and initiating exciting and meaningful social interactions. Meltwater’s technology does three things really well:

  1. Target journalists and influencers
  2. Reach the press
  3. Measure the impact of business content

Pulse reports, which are a USP of Meltwater, help SMBs procure enterprise-level reports.



Synthesio as an SMM tool is preferred more by larger enterprises or by brands that are looking to go global. Synthesio is one of the few SMM systems that can extract user data from any part of the globe.

Key features of Synthesio are as follows:

  • Improves brand awareness by measuring social media activity
  • Helps initiate collaboration
  • Helps in boosting the performance of marketing teams
  • Integrates with several other ancillary systems

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a favorite among smaller businesses that want to be a part of active quality social media conversations. The tool also creates a channel between brands and their customers on social media to solve their issues quickly.

We spoke to Rachael Samuels, Manager, Social Media, Sprout Social:

“Social media is often one of the first places consumers turn to when they have a question or an issue. In fact, nearly half the consumers have reached out to a brand on social — a number that will likely only continue to climb. Equally important, social is also a top destination for those looking to assess a brand’s products or services. By having a robust and meaningful presence on social, brands can ensure they are providing the best experiences for their audience, showcasing their value, and creating the kind of real connection that drives their businesses forward.”

Tweet Racheal for more on SMM



Cyfe is an outstanding Business Intelligence tool that also combines elements of social media information in its platform. The software is known to have excellent dashboards and the ability to pull data from customer sources. Larger teams can fully leverage Cyfe in order to check company progress.



AgoraPulse is an inexpensive SMM tool that also doubles as a social newsfeed platform. Brands using AgoraPulse can monitor social media conversations helping them garner more insights about product performance. Personal engagement, distribution of custom-made content on social media and staying at par with the competition is made possible by AgoraPulse.



Buzzlogix comes with a dual functionality, that of Social Media Management and Social Media Monitoring. Its powerful consumer engagement system is all thanks to the following features-

  • Tracking conversations
  • Monitoring product awareness
  • Comparing performance with competitors

Buzzlogix’s wizard-based configuration facilitates:

  1. Scheduling and automating social media posts
  2. Performing text and sentiment analysis
  3. Learning about the hottest topics in your domain
  4. Obtaining knowledge via online training

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Digimind Social is popular in optimizing the content that you already have for the best reading experience. Other tasks that Digimind Social achieves for you are:

  1. Engaging Audiences
  2. Analyzing and testing sentiments
  3. Monitoring market trends



Oktopost possibly covers all avenues pertaining to reporting and analytics. Other salient features are:

  1. Scheduling content placement
  2. Measuring engagement
  3. Clicks
  4. Conversions
  5. Content curation
  6. Employee advocacy
  7. Collaboration and superior management of social conversations

Oktopost can be effortlessly used with every social network. It also links with aspects of the marketing automation eco-system. Popular tools that Oktopost can link with are –

  1. Salesforce
  2. Marketo
  3. Eloqua
  4. Bitly
  5. Act-on

We spoke to Daniel Kushner, CEO, Oktopost

“Social media has grown increasingly critical to the buyer journey, as reflected in the fact that 55% of B2B buyers do their research on social media. Another interesting statistic is that social media represents 84% of the influence on purchasing decisions among C-levels and VPs. To capture those opportunities, Oktopost’s platform allows B2B companies to manage and schedule social content, engage in conversations with their audience and track valuable B2B metrics, such as lead conversions and pipeline influenced by social.

Social engagement is happening across the entire sales cycle and the buyer journey is far from linear. For example, a buyer can click on a WSJ article your company shared to your LinkedIn page, then, a week later they will do a Google search and go on your website. The next month they will download an ebook and convert. While you may think that the first touchpoint to yield this lead was SEO, it was, in fact, social media.

And if you don’t have the tools to track these social media activities, you will also be unable to accurately attribute your revenue. Social engagement data is also paramount when scoring, segmenting and nurturing leads in Marketing Automation platforms such as Eloqua, Marketo, Act-On, Hubspot, and ClickDimensions. If a B2B marketer knows what content their leads consume on social media, then it’s easy to target those leads with personalized marketing programs. Oktopost integrates with Marketing Automation platforms, providing B2B marketers with social engagement data that is appended to lead profiles and enables them to enhance their marketing programs.”

“Social listening is a valuable resource for several reasons. Firstly, if you know which content your audience engages with, you can improve your social content strategy to content they will love and respond to.

Secondly, Social Listening will allow you to track conversations on social channels. These can be conversations about your competitors or about your brand, and you will be able to make a decision whether to join these conversations. Another benefit of tracking conversations is being able to spot a crisis before it erupts. If your brand is getting negative feedback on social networks, Social Listening will alert you to that.

Finally, Social Listening allows B2B marketers to uncover industry trends and tap into them before the competition does. This is applicable to marketing as much as it’s applicable to the product. Social Listening can help companies be the first to market when launching new products, tweak existing products and generally speaking, inform their product strategy, as well as their marketing strategy.

All those benefits will eventually bolster brand value, either by preventing a crisis or by enhancing product and marketing strategies.”

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Those were our picks for the 20 hot SMM brands. Tell us what you think by getting in touch at news@martechseries-67ee47.ingress-bonde.easywp.com.

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