BabbleLabs Unveils the Clear Cloud App to Transform On-The-Go Content

BabbleLabs Blends Innovative Technologies to Drastically Optimize Video and Audio Quality. Content Recorded on Clear Cloud App Can Be Filtered to Remove Unwanted Elements Such as Background Noise and Unclear Speech

Nowadays, impulsive, outside the studio is one of the best ways to produce fresh and original content. This format allows marketing teams to open a host of options to develop content ideas that appeal to their audience. Just a few years back, content development outside designated recording spaces was a logistical nightmare. Thanks to the ever-evolving hardware, now, a smartphone is just about enough to record a large amount of video/audio content.

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No wonder, B2B and B2C spheres are seeing a range of advertisement formats boosting the AdTech industry. But, behind this spunk is a marketing team that has put in relentless efforts for the shot content to appear presentable. Understanding this problem, BabbleLabs has developed an application that can eliminate unwanted roadblocks to content in real-time. The Clear Cloud App leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allows users and publishers to process and clean content almost real-time. Publishers, individuals, creative professionals, journalists, vloggers, etc., that use the iOS and Android operating systems, can avail this app. The easy-to-use app can clean and enhance files really fast. BabblesLab’s application is a part of its Clear Cloud Product Portfolio.

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The application is ideal for:

  • Video and audio recordings in areas such as busy streets, where crowds impact the quality of the speech. This spoils an otherwise well-made piece of content, be it in the audio or the video format. Clear Cloud App fixes this.
  • The application is also excellent to process previous recordings that are indisposed due to appalling speech quality. Hence, marketers can now collate all their older archived content, bring it to the table, and publish it as new.

Introducing the application, BabbleLabs will be giving its users free minutes, which differ in duration for audio and video.

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