Sprout Social and HubSpot Merge Platforms with the Common Goal of Enhancing Client Experience

Sprout Social Stated That It Is Now a Certified Connect Partner of HubSpot. HubSpot’s Connect Partners Are Independent Brands That Build Integrations to It and Function in Conjunction with Its Capabilities

HubSpot’s initiative to invite brands to partner with their platform has generated a win-win scenario in the Marketing Automation sphere. HubSpot’s extensive platform is ideal for emerging brands to collaborate with the company and apply their products to get positive business outcomes.

Hubspot_Sprout-Social Logo

HubSpot’s recent connect partner is Sprout Social, a social media marketing/monitoring, analytics, and advocacy provider. Sprout Social is a leading brand within the Social Listening domain with clients such as:

  1. Casio
  2. Zendesk
  3. Evernote
  4. Microsoft
  5. Grubhub

The definition of customer satisfaction is changing. Nowadays, support teams cannot be complacent and stop at just answering or resolving client queries. They need to be pro-active so that the customer they are engaging with spreads a good word about the brand, remains loyal and most importantly, becomes a brand advocate. With an influx of multiple brands, all trying to get new customers and retain the existing ones, customer management has become a humongous task.

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This becomes especially important on social media as negative publicity of a brand can completely destroy it. A negative Tweet on Twitter or a bad post on LinkedIn/Facebook with the brand hashtag is enough to do major damage to the brand. Hence, social media monitoring is a critical trend in today’s volatile customer service market. In a nutshell, companies such as Sprout Social extensively monitor social mediums, like the ones mentioned above, and search engines such as Google for conversations around a brand.

Hence, HubSpot can now work with Sprout Social on their combined consumers and deliver superior client experiences. The partnership adds the following elements in the current customer service setup for both the enterprises:

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  1. Aligns customer success and marketing teams of both the brands.
  2. Routes customer messages coming from social media to service teams at lightning speeds.
  3. Establishes effective two-way communication.
  4. Provided concrete resolutions on support tickets.
  5. Analyzes service requests for both, Sprout Social and HubSpot.

With methodologies such as ABM becoming extremely popular among marketers, it can double-up with brands such as Sprout Social to create a niche method for better selling and engagement. Social Media Marketing per se is seeing a lot of acquisitions as well. MarTech Series has in the recent past covered a few of them:

Brandwatch Acquires Content Marketing Platform Buzzsumo

Brandwatch & Crimson Hexagon Merge

Ipsos Acquires Synthesio Adding Social Listening Capabilities to Their Global Business

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