Google Launches a Free Business Application for Small and Medium Enterprises

This Promising Move by Google Helps It Garner Positive User Sentiments and Reinforce Brand Value

On November 14, 2018, Google announced the launch of its brand new application that is specially tailored for small and medium businesses. This development from Google seems to have emerged due to a global trend in how businesses are being conducted today. Consumers are increasingly searching for information over the internet about eateries, stores and recreational places, among others.

Google has now opened a channel for businesses to have an effective online presence, immediately. Their business application is a no-cost engagement and is available for iOS and Android platforms. This will help businesses sync-in with their consumers and keep up with changing times in a huge way. Further, they will not need to collaborate with third parties for Mobile Application Development. Google’s Business Application users can directly publish every aspect of their business directly on the internet through the application.

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This is good news for small and medium businesses, especially for ones that want to maintain exclusivity in a particular geography and have one-on-one relations with their customers. This also helps businesses save money as they can entirely bypass third parties to develop their online presence.

Google has highlighted three features of their application:

Simple yet Powerful    

The app allows its users to do a plethora of things by just clicking on the new post button. Businesses can now create offers, upload photos and publish an event, effortlessly. Changes made in business profile or anything else get updated on Maps, Search Engines et al. almost real-time.


When consumers looking for you, find you, they can communicate with you in a number of ways. From your business profile, they can message you, follow you, ask to reserve your services for them, review your services/products, etc. You, the user, on the other hand, can see all these developments in one place, on the ‘customers’ tab in your app. From here, you can interact with customers, roll-out exclusive offers for them, resolve their grievances and do many more things.

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This is Google’s way of ensuring that businesses attain loyal customers, which is the crux of every business. Since this hyper-app is always awake, it notifies you whenever you get a new customer. As a business, you cannot, as of now, directly message your customers. But Google is in the process of rolling out this feature at the earliest.

Performance Tracking

Google business app collates important data on customer engagement and displays it for you. Users finding and connecting with your business can now be displayed front-and-center on the home screen.

Google has successfully developed a link for more people to have a digital footprint, which aligns with Google’s vision to fill the internet with rich useful content.

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