WPP Merges JWT’s Legacy With a More Future-Ready and Data-Driven Wunderman

Founded in 1864, JWT, Which Is Now a Part of the WPP Group, Was a Pioneer in Airing Commercials on Television. The Company Is Now Combining with Wunderman to Produce Commercials of the Future

Just to give an idea of WPP’s size, it employs 130,000 professionals in 112 countries. Its core areas of operations are spread across diverse geographies and consumer sets. Just a few decades back, when the internet was in its nascent stage and having a mobile phone meant you were extremely rich, the advertising and media industry was not as complex and dynamic as it is today. Nowadays, technology rules the roost and enterprises have no option but to infuse modern-day technical capabilities into their daily operations.

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WPP is part of the four big agencies in the world. Considering its size and the need to adapt to newer technologies, WPP has been on a mission to streamline its companies for operational benefits. In this process, WPP will now be merging JWT with Wunderman.  Previously, WPP had merged Y&R with VML. The merger consists of a 20,000 strong staff that has a presence in 90 countries. Wunderman will bring in powerful digital insights and future-ready media technologies and blend it with the 154-year-old advertising juggernaut, JWT.

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“Wunderman Thompson is a formidable combination, bringing together the capabilities our clients are demanding — award-winning creativity alongside deep expertise in technology, data, and commerce,” CEO of WPP, Mark Read, said.

With both the companies having a wide variety of solutions for industries pertaining to Advertising, Media & PR, the merger will be an asset to WPP’s global business. The automation of marketing has shown significant changes in how businesses are being conducted. Wunderman is set to do exactly that to the flair of JWT.

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