Adobe’s Audience Manager Gets New Features to Deliver Tailor-Made Experiences

Adobe Is Ramping up Their Customer Data Platform by Adding Two Critical Features to Help Brands Refine Targeting Practices

Adobe announced on Monday about the new release to their extremely popular Customer Data Platform. Here is a snapshot of what these features look like.

Aiding the Development of Lookalike Models

One of the newest capabilities that brands are leveraging to get more knowledge about finding new customers is via building lookalike models from the existing data of their best customers. Therefore, attributes from existing consumers are instrumental in delivering a rich data mine about buyers that are more than likely to opt for a similar product or service.

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As ideal as that sounds on paper, the situation is not de-facto. Attribution can actually mislead a whole model making brands lose precious time, resources and perhaps morale. For example, a model that has rich insights pertaining to beacon data may not always assist the development of a perfect lookalike model. Hence, brands previously had to make multitudes of prototype models and test them to gain some insight.

Adobe has now changed that! Brands can now have one model and drop a particular trait in order to get precise data. Adobe’s Sensei, their Machine Learning Vanguard, will be doing these deductions so brands can be assured about positive results during grooming newer lookalike models. Marketers that would be operating the Audience Manager now can get influential traits and will have access to deduce a variety of other traits.

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Automatic Reporting

Brands now also have the ability to access auto-reports on ad-impressions based out of user segments helping them align costs to different data sources by user segments. Adobe also announced that they will be rolling out the Data Explorer for general availability. Data Explorer is an inbuilt tool in the Audience Manager that helps process raw data.

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