Reklaim Launches to Provide Consumers Complete Access to Their Digital Data

Consumer Data Platform Enables Consumers to Directly Access, Manage and Control Their Online Data

Following a year of rapid acceleration, Killi Ltd., the only company allowing consumers to view and reclaim their data has relaunched as Reklaim in order to better align its brand with its global mission. Company CEO and Founder Neil Sweeney outlines the rationale behind this decision in a blog post posted on the company website

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“Consumer awareness over data rights is accelerating with each new data hack, increased antitrust rhetoric, and the general mistrust of big tech by consumers,” said Neil Sweeney. “Reklaim is the only company in the world today allowing consumers to view, edit and control their data while providing them the optionality of choosing whether they would like to opt-out or be compensated for their use of their data.”

As firms such as Google and Apple remove tracking identifiers such as the cookie and the mobile ID, and privacy regulators continue to alter legislation to require consumer consent, brands must shift their marketing and advertising strategies to be focused on data that is compliant and not exposed to the changes made by Big Tech.  The migration from third party data to first party data is accelerating.  The U.S. data market is currently worth $245 billion per year, and Reklaim has seen the demand first-hand with a 1,197% increase in revenue over the same period a year ago.  “The data market is going through the largest transformation in its existence due to a loss of identifiers and an increase in privacy legislation.  The future of data will involve the consumer, and we are happy that Reklaim can provide a new source of ethical data at scale that incorporates the consumer”.

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