UST Global Acquires ‘Cross-Platform Orchestration’ Start-up Pneuron

UST Global, a California-headquartered leading digital technology services company, announced the acquisition of Pneuron. Founded in 2010, Pneuron is a Massachusetts-based ‘Cross-Platform Orchestration’ start-up.

UST Global’s data engineering platform has been fast evolving with added features that simplify the traditionally expensive and time-consuming process of procuring, integrating, and maintaining platforms, thereby ensuring solution agility, non-disruptive deployment, and accelerated time to value clients. The acquisition of Pneuron will help UST Global’s data engineering with a proven platform, cited by Gartner as a ‘Cool Vendor’ and by Forrester as a ‘Breakout Vendor’, to meet the company’s clients business needs with faster time to market.

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Pneuron was founded based on a set of business objectives, specifically, to help clients build, deploy, and run applications that require components of value from widely disparate and diverse set of platforms and technologies. The platform improves time-to-value and TCO by 50% when compared to conventional approaches. Pneuron then pursued an architectural and technology strategy that delivers on that mission which provides exceptional value to UST Global customers.

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Niranjan Ram, Vice President, Industry Solutions, UST Global, said, “Data orchestration and transformation with agility and speed is a multi-faceted enterprise IT problem across verticals. We are happy to announce the acquisition of Pneuron cross-platform orchestration platform that will help bridge this gap for our clients.”

UST Global Acquires 'Cross-Platform Orchestration' Start-up Pneuron
Adnan Masood

Dr. Adnan Masood, Chief architect of AI & Machine Learning, UST Global, added, “The next generation Artificial intelligence and machine learning applications require powerful ETL, better data quality, and transformation capabilities which can be ramped up quickly. Acquisition of Pneuron assets will provide strategic value to help clients, as a differentiator, with cost leadership and focus. We can acquire data, interact with applications, perform analytics, deliver results in multiple ways all while giving clients significant ease, speed and flexibility.”

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