Marketing Strategy In 2018: How To Deliver Savvy, Sleek and Integrated Campaigns Amidst Digital Transformation

Cambridge Biomarketing LogoIt’s only February, and 2018 has presented marketers with new opportunities as well as tasked them with an array of challenges. Advancements in innovative technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) and Machine Learning (ML) have offered a new set of tools for developing digital strategies and campaigns.

As a result, there is an expectation to not only consider the systems experiences are built on, but to also design sleek, integrated systems that deliver personalized experiences customized to each unique users’ needs. A successful marketing strategy in 2018 will need to include integration points, data flow strategies, data security and more. To be truly transformative, marketers will need to analyze performance and adapt to the needs of their audiences.

Digital is no longer an afterthought to the marketing mix

Digital strategy and program management start with a solid and flexible infrastructure. This includes exploring all the cloud based software and tools available and creating a system design to ensure all assets are centrally managed, configured and integrated properly. Setting this up initially is imperative to protecting your assets, products and ensuring all data is collected securely.

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Talent, security and analytics are key

In order to achieve set goals, CMOs need to build out their marketing team with the right technical expertise and talent. In addition, it’s essential that companies that partner with agencies apply technical oversight. When designing digital ecosystems and staffing teams, it’s essential that today’s changing technological landscape and rich talent pool is taken into consideration.

In addition, organizations should implement a data ethics and management strategy. Keeping digital data safe will help to build trust with customers and audiences and will help to mitigate risk. Valuable data needs to be safely collected, encrypted and stored securely.

Lastly, the advancement of analytics technology is changing the way we optimize. Consider adding advanced analytics to gain insights about customers and their behavior. Develop an analytics strategy and spend time setting systems up from the very beginning. The use of an online cloud based tool to analyze the data to make informed decisions can also be very helpful.

Being transformative and personal

With the development of the infrastructure in place and mastering data security, integrity and organization, companies are then able to apply digital touchpoints to their overall marketing strategy. This includes innovative technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and machine learning (ML), diversified platforms to deliver messages, as well as a clever product design.

For example, at Cambridge BioMarketing, when developing programs, we explore all possibilities from mobile and online to social and experiential. We work with clients to outline their digital ecosystem to cater to their unique audience and deliver to their objectives. For the rare disease market, adding VR might be able to change behavior for a healthcare provider at a conference that may be potentially interested in a treatment option; or ML has the potential to deliver customized content to a patient researching information about a specific disease.

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2018 and beyond

2018 will require more planning and strategic thinking as more companies enter the age of digital transformation. Not only will marketing strategies include smart systems and infrastructure, successful campaigns will need to consider personalized product design and properly managed data. With analytical thinking, forward-looking planning and dedication to a personalized strategy, marketers will be able to couple expertise with technology to drive business outcomes and increased ROI for years to come.

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