SAP Unveils GDPR-Centric Solutions to Help Companies Protect Customer Data

SAP Hybris Identity, SAP Hybris Consent, and SAP Hybris Profile Would Offer A Better Grip on Customer Transparency and Digital Customer Experiences

In a major announcement for Data Management Platforms leading up to GDPR coming into force in May, SAP has introduced three new solutions supporting organizations that have a need to collect customer data in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while delivering personalized experiences.

The three new products are available now and can be deployed separately or as a package.

• SAP Hybris Identity, SAP Hybris Consent and SAP Hybris Profile support privacy, compliance, and personalization
• Companies can comply with GDPR and offer customers transparency and control

Alexander Atzberger
Alexander Atzberger, President, SAP Hybris

At the time of the announcement, SAP Hybris President Alex Atzberger said, “With GDPR around the corner, the timing of these solutions couldn’t be better. At a time when SAP is doubling down on its strategy to provide the leading front-office suite, the combination of SAP Hybris and Gigya solutions is a tremendous benefit for customers. Importantly, it turns a compliance need into a strategic business advantage and creates more trusted customer relationships.”

Many brands today are struggling to initiate and build trusted relationships with their online customers. Lack of transparency and control of personal information by brands has eroded trust in digital customer experiences.

In fact, a recent survey shows that data being used without their knowledge is the chief reason consumers leave brands.

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Overcoming the Compliance Challenge in Customer Data

GDPR, which is effective May 25, gives extensive new rights to EU residents and visitors and applies to organizations anywhere in the world that collect personal information from within the EU.

With the integration of its recent acquisition of Gigya, SAP now provides customers with solutions to support them in gaining transparency and control over their data, helping them overcome the compliance challenges with robust registration, Robust Registration, Consent Preference, and Profile Management. The solutions can quickly and securely scale to manage billions of identities and thousands of digital properties across hundreds of brands to help companies meet the requirements of evolving privacy and data protection regulations.

Three New SAP Hybris Solutions for Customer Data Management from Gigya

SAP is bringing three new solutions to market to help organizations adopt a digital approach to drive more effective marketing, sales and service through data while keeping the customer in control of how much data is shared–

SAB Hybris Identity for Personalized Digital Experiences

SAP Hybris Identity establishes secure customer registration and login across websites, mobile applications and Internet of Things devices using flexible user authentication options, federation standards, and single sign-on functionality. It captures and stores customer identity data for trusted and personalized digital experiences.

Optimized registration flows increase conversion, while the platform helps protect consumers against identity fraud and data theft.

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SAP Hybris Consent for Synchronized Customer Lifecycle Management

SAP Hybris Consent presents and captures customer consent for terms of service and privacy agreements, including cookie consent and marketing communications. For auditing purposes, consent agreements and consent history are tracked across the customer lifecycle. This information can be synchronized with marketing, sales and service applications.

Customers are in control of their personal information with features for consent revocation, data export, and account deletion. Consent records are stored in a secure data vault.

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SAP Hybris Profile for 360-Degree View into Customer Data Analytics

SAP Hybris Profile transforms customer identity information, profile attributes and other system data into a single customer view, which can be orchestrated in real time or in batch to virtually any application, service or data warehouse. Organizations can govern all the information in these single customer views throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

With the platform — and providing consumer consent and transparency has been granted — SAP customers can analyze data within these single customer views to plan, predict and optimize digital experiences to support sales and services.

Patrick Salyer, Chief Executive Officer at Gigya
Patrick Salyer, Chief Executive Officer, Gigya

Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer said, “If data is the new oil, then trust is the ultimate currency that drives this new data economy. To create trust, consumers demand transparency and control over how their customer data is managed. GDPR goes further by legally requiring it. With these new SAP Hybris offerings from Gigya we can provide one of the only solutions on the market that create trusted customer relationships — just four months after SAP announced its intent to acquire Gigya.”

Currently, as a market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

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