New Reltio Cloud Release Delivers Continuous Data Organization and Self-Learning to Global 2000 Companies

Reltio Cloud Self-Learning Data Platform Integrates Enterprise Data Organization, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Intelligent Data-Driven Business Applications at Petabyte-Scale

Reltio, innovators of the Self-Learning Data Platform, announced Reltio Cloud 2018.1, the newest version of the native cloud platform that organizes enterprise data for continuous self-learning. The release includes the next evolution of Reltio IQ (formerly Reltio Insights) which takes advantage of advanced analytics and machine learning for day-to-day operations and applications. One distinct feature of Reltio IQ is the ability to derive IQ scores or recommendations for efficient data organization (e.g. Data quality) and for business insight (e.g. Churn risk), and to embed them back into customer, account or product profiles for easy segmentation and operational execution. A brief video showing how a marketing individual and data scientist can both benefit can be seen here.

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Now, businesses of all sizes can leverage their data like leading cloud companies with a platform that delivers continuous data organization, recommended actions and measurable results. With this release, Reltio is outlining five principles guiding Self-Learning Enterprises:

  • Make data the heart of every decision
  • Organize data of all types at unlimited scale
  • Unify data sets while providing unlimited personalized views
  • Infuse analytics into operational business processes
  • Continuously learn about customers, products and their relationships

Companies that harness data as a strategic asset and apply it day-to-day to their business are shining examples of self-learning success. The potential impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on business insights is undeniably vast. In its report, “Predictions 2017: Artificial Intelligence Will Drive The Insights Revolution” Forrester Research states “those that are truly insights-driven businesses will steal $1.2 trillion per annum from their less-informed peers by 2020.”

New Reltio Cloud Release Delivers Continuous Data Organization and Self-Learning to Global 2000 Companies
Manish Sood

“Data must be at the heart of every business decision, but most companies can’t take optimal advantage of it because their data, technologies and people are siloed. Reltio’s Self-Learning Data Platform gives companies an organized single foundation of reliable data, leading to better collaboration, personalized views and guided intelligent recommendations. Our customers and partners can focus on the data that’s most important to them, while continuously measuring their actions to improve outcomes. This is the true promise of using machine learning to solve any business challenge,” said Reltio CEO Manish Sood.

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Reltio Cloud 2018.1 continues to organize billions of multi-domain profiles, relationships, and interactions at petabyte-scale and is being used for day-to-day operational activities by thousands of IT and business users globally. This release includes:

  • Seamless Analytics and Machine Learning: Reltio IQ leverages data, organized and consolidated within Reltio Cloud and the Reltio Self-Learning Graph to provide a trusted foundation of reliable data for analytics and machine learning. An on-demand Apache Spark environment allows data scientists to spend their time tuning algorithms via their tools of choice, rather than aggregating and cleaning data. Reltio IQ then seamlessly synchronizes IQ attributes and recommendations back to profiles for use in operational Data-Driven Applications. IQ scores can also be benchmarked anonymously across industry segments to give companies greater insight into where they stand relative to their peers.
  • Advanced Master Data Management & Reference Data Management: Match IQ provides advanced statistics together with new Proximity, Cross-attribute, and Groups/Household rules to improve profile consolidation. Reference Data Management, included as core Reltio Cloud functionality, has a new UI for easy mapping and translation from multiple sources.
  • Increased Platform Agility & Performance: Export IQ, an ultra-fast export, now supports flexible filtering and billions of high-performance API calls per day, for real-time business operations.
  • Continuous Compliance: Enhanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance has built-in features to execute “Right to be Forgotten” requirements through audit and history of contributing source indexes, as well as deletion of data on demand.
  • Actionable Statistics & Simplified Configuration: Reltio Console supports the ongoing management and health of the Reltio Cloud environment, and the underlying data assets being organized. The Console has improved statistics, and configuration validation to proactively recommend and enforce best practices, as well as an upgrade to the Reltio UI Modeler to further customize data-driven application profile pages.

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New Reltio Cloud Release Delivers Continuous Data Organization and Self-Learning to Global 2000 Companies
Ramon Chen

“On one hand, artificial intelligence and machine learning haven’t lived up to the hype because people expected software to perfectly replicate the human experience, while others are still concerned that autonomous technologies will take over all human functions. The Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform is different because it’s open and transparent, offering value along every step of the journey, starting with the continuous organization of data into a trusted foundation. Reltio customers can see tangible business value in weeks while positioning themselves to rapidly evolve to their full self-learning potential,” said Ramon Chen, Chief Product Officer at Reltio.

Self-learning in Action

Companies can begin the journey towards a Self-Learning Enterprise with or without machine learning and artificial intelligence. Step 1 involves the organization of data of all types and sources at scale to form a trusted data foundation. Step 2 involves analytics for operational execution—simple business rules or machine learning algorithms tuned by data scientists—to deliver recommended actions. At full maturity, step 3, the Self-Learning Enterprise will be able to measure the outcomes of those actions and use data in a continuous cycle of improvement. A Self-Learning Data Platform is designed to provide the evolutionary path businesses need to realize their potential even as they take advantage of shifting trends and unexpected market opportunities.

“When organizations move beyond dabbling to put leading-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities into production, they quickly discover the importance of starting with reliable data. The instinct to deliver a single, holistic platform that provides a solid data foundation is spot on,” said Doug Henschen, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research.

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The latest version of the Reltio Self-Learning Data Platform will be showcased Feb 26-27 by customers and partners at DataDriven18, the Modern Data Management Summit in San Francisco, one of the largest gatherings of data management and machine learning experts. Reltio will be the Diamond Sponsor and host of this second annual event, which will feature educational presentations, workshops, hands-on test drives, roadmap updates and networking. The event is already sold out, with over 400 senior IT and business executives from life sciences, healthcare, media & entertainment, hospitality, retail, financial services and technology corporations in attendance.Click here to join the waitlist as the event cannot accommodate walk-ins.

Reltio CEO Manish Sood will kick off the event by delivering the keynote address: The Self-Learning Enterprise Era. The event will also feature:

  • Over 50 Industry-leading Speakers and Panelists, including Wells Fargo, Uber, Walmart Labs, Target, ClubCorp, Optum, Kaiser Permanente, AstraZeneca, AbbVie, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Warner Brothers, Hewlett Packard, Forrester Research, Deloitte, Amazon Web Services, Google, Reltio, DataRobot, Accenture, iMiDiA, ZS Associates, GBG Loqate, Dun & Bradstreet, IQVIA, HighPoint Solutions, McKinsey & Company, Dhasel, LumenData, Gavroshe, and more.
  • 19 Sponsors, including Reltio, Google Cloud Platform, IQVIA, Highpoint Solutions, Accenture Interactive, Wipro, Deloitte, iMiDiA, LumenData, Medpro, SnapLogic, ZS Associates, BRIDGEi2i, Infoverity, Globalsoft, GBG Loqate, DataRobot, FreshGravity, Qubole, and SADA Systems.
  • 3 Dedicated Industry Tracks, for modern and master data management, machine learning and AI, and a life sciences and healthcare track exploring data management technology innovation and best practices for pharma, healthcare, and medical device companies.

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Michele Goetz, Forrester Research Principal Analyst will present on February 26: Machine Learning Puts Data Front And Center For Business, exploring why the technology must operate at the heart of a data strategy, not only at the edge, and detailing how organizations are turning from data as an asset to data as business.

“Bottling up analysis and delivering it in a report for business decision makers is old thinking,” according to Forrester Research in its report,”Data Technology Pathfinder.”2 “Business execs need insights on demand. The data architecture landscape must compress or eliminate the wall between analysis and operations to speed up the business actions and decisions that depend on data.”

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