HashCash Consultants, a global blockchain development company, proposes the activation of the Digital Identity feature on blockchain to facilitate authentication and traceability of the COVID vaccine supply chain.

Ever since the launch of the COVID vaccine, multiple concerns of fraudulence, counterfeiting, and unauthorized vaccine drives have surfaced in multiple instances. This effort is directed to smoothen the still-persistent wrinkles in the system.

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Blockchain Digital Identity (DI), designed by HashCash, digitally authenticates the personnel and thereby grants access rights. This serves to ensure, only designated persons are authorized to access specific containers of the vaccine. This also helps chart the hierarchy for vaccine distribution wherein, again, designated persons in charge may distribute vials to localities.

“The blockchain Digital Identity serves to discipline a whole supply chain of COVID vaccines, where strictly designated individuals may be authorized to distribute a specific number of vials across residential blocks,” explains HashCash Chief and Blockchain pioneer, Raj Chowdhury.

“Maintaining a hierarchy in distribution channels is vital for an organized issuance of vaccine and minimize chaos and panic among the people. The algorithm may be enhanced to deliver a prioritized issuance of vaccines based on population data of a particular region.”

HashCash has previously theorized a blockchain-based Vaccine passport prototype that could be most beneficial at international airports or ports of entry. HashCash has also designed Health passports to maintain a national record of Health and Immunization for citizens from birth to death. This was aimed to revolutionize the health sectors of developing economies.

The HashCash product is aimed at streamlining the performance of the vaccine distribution system in a region. The capacity of the basic structure can be extended to varying lengths based on necessity as emphasized by Chowdhury.

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