Janrain Unveils First Private Groups Capability for Janrain Identity Cloud

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Janrain Identity Groups Enables Brands to Extend Access to Subscriptions, Accounts and Devices across Multiple Profiles

Janrain, the company that pioneered the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) category, unveiled Janrain Identity Groups, which enables device and account owners to share assets and create private groups around them by linking multiple profiles. Brands and individual customers can segment accounts tied to specific products, subscriptions, devices and other “things” into several profiles. Under Janrain Identity Groups, they can also manage these groups of profiles and define access rights to data, resources and services for each individual member.

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For example, a magazine or television subscription can be shared by the subscriber with friends and family members by creating individual accounts that can be accessed with different email addresses or usernames. With Janrain Identity Groups, the administrator of the account can create different rules for each individual—to gate young children from explicit content, for instance—and the content for each member can be personalized based on their specific profile and behavioral data. These additional accounts provide the media/entertainment company valuable customer data that allows for more targeted personalization, deeper insights into the customer’s needs and better business intelligence. At the same time, by enabling customers to share subscriptions, brands can provide more attractive offerings with different price points.

When multiple individuals use a single username associated with an account, it is difficult to get an accurate picture of each consumer’s interests and activities. Hierarchical individual profiles linked to a shared account result in better data segmentation, which enables brands to hyper-customize messages and content to each group member. Janrain Identity Groups further aids marketing efforts by empowering customers to become brand ambassadors—account holders can invite others to receive trials of products, services or subscriptions. Partitioned profiles also address security concerns by reducing password sharing as account administrators can simply grant and revoke access at any time.

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In addition to sharing entertainment subscriptions, Janrain Identity Groups allows:

  • Homeowners, kids, technicians and customer service representatives to have different permissions that reflect their interaction with a home alarm system. Kids might not have the ability to turn the system off at night, while repairmen could be granted temporary access once appointments are scheduled by the customer rep.
  • Pet owners to create an account for their dog on a pet supplies portal and then add (or invite) the veterinarian, family members or the dog sitter, all of whom could be empowered to order food or make medical decisions when taking care of that animal.
  • Medical equipment containing sensitive patient data to be federated so that doctors are granted full access, nurses are enabled to administer care only, healthcare providers are limited to a view of account, and billing information and manufacturers can solely deliver upgrades and maintenance.

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Jamie Beckland
Jamie Beckland

“Janrain Identity Groups greatly enhances CIAM’s core value proposition,” said Jamie Beckland, vice president of product at Janrain. “CIAM is all about easier and secure account access, friction-free customer experiences, and allowing companies to gain a better understanding of their customers, their needs, and how offerings resonate with their consumers. Janrain Identity Groups advances Janrain Identity Cloud in each one of these areas.”

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