TeleSign Introduces Silent Verification, a New Verification Solution with Frictionless Authentication

Striking the perfect balance of security and simplicity, Silent Verification delivers a safer, more seamless customer experience

TeleSign, the leading provider of customer identity and engagement solutions, released Silent Verification, a fast, frictionless, and secure mobile authentication solution to verify users. Silent Verification instantly matches the user’s phone number with Mobile Network Operator data to verify the user is in possession of their device. Striking the perfect balance of security and simplicity, Silent Verification delivers a safer, more seamless customer experience.

Fighting fraud and decreasing friction are top of mind for companies operating in the digital economy. But they face a conundrum: should they focus on security controls or ease of use? With TeleSign’s Silent Verification, companies no longer have to sacrifice a frictionless experience for fraud controls. Offering the best of both worlds, Silent Verification completes multifactor authentication (MFA) workflows with minimal end-user interaction and verifies device possession with a single click.

“Consumers today want a fast, seamless experience, but they want to feel safe and protected,” said Joe Burton, CEO of TeleSign. “For businesses, finding the perfect balance of innovation and fraud mitigation is a challenge. Silent Verification delivers the simplicity customers want and the security they need.”

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With rising data breaches, phishing attempts, social engineering schemes, and account takeovers (ATOs), consumers and their accounts are under constant attack. MFA solutions like Silent Verification play a critical role in safeguarding user accounts. Silent Verification offers businesses:

  • Faster Verification: When it comes to customer conversions, time is money. Silent Verification securely bypasses multiple steps from the authentication workflow, enabling businesses to reduce latency and eliminate delayed and undelivered OTPs with instant verification.
  • A Frictionless User Experience: Say goodbye to authenticator apps, hardware tokens, knowledge-based questions, and captchas. With no end-user interaction, Silent Verification works behind the scenes to authenticate end-users.
  • Enhanced Protection: Eliminate knowledge-based questions to protect customers from ATO attacks. Silent Verification reduces end-user risk because there’s no information for bad actors to steal.

“Many businesses equate security solutions with increased friction and annoying workarounds, resulting in an unproductive experience for users,” said Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst and Founding Partner at Futurum. “TeleSign is proving that security without friction is indeed possible. TeleSign’s Silent Verification shows great promise as a solution for seamlessly verifying users behind the scenes, reducing latency, and establishing continuous trust.”

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