BigID Partners with Snowflake to Accelerate Data Governance

BigID Announces Participation in Snowflake’s Governance Accelerated Program

BigID, the leading data intelligence platform, is partnering with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, to announce participation in Snowflake’s Governance Accelerated Program. Together, BigID and Snowflake can make it easy for customers to accelerate governance, reduce risk, protect their sensitive data, and achieve continuous data compliance.

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The BigID Data Access and Control App for Snowflake enables Snowflake customers to accelerate governance and add context to maximize data value:

  • Identify PII, PHI, NPI, IP, and other sensitive and regulated data in Snowflake.
  • Automatically add context at scale to data in Snowflake with object tagging.
  • Dynamically mask sensitive data to control which users have access to which data.

Snowflake customers can trust that their data is protected – and BigID’s data intelligence platform makes that easier than ever with automatic discovery and ML-driven classification. The automated governance capabilities allow customers to use data for analysis to drive their business, spending more time using the data and less time implementing data protection

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“BigID is delighted to partner with Snowflake’s Governance Accelerated Program with an application that protects sensitive data in Snowflake and enables customers to proactively address the growing number of privacy regulations like CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD.” said Julia Fare, SVP of Alliances at BigID. “Our joint customers are able to promote data usage in their organization and collaborate with partners on Snowflake’s Data Cloud with the confidence that data is only seen by people who should have access to it.”

“The Snowflake Governance Accelerated Program promotes integrated partner solutions like BigID to know, control, and unlock data in the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “BigID’s Data Access Application for Snowflake enables automated discovery, classification, and sensitive data masking. Partnering with BigID is a natural fit, given their industry-leading capabilities across discovery and classification.”

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