Headless Commerce Pioneer Fabric Partners With Master Data Management Company Stibo Systems

Clean, accurate and consistent operating data combined with the flexibility and ease-of-use of a Headless platform means an exceptional experience for customers

Headless commerce pioneer fabric and Master Data Management company Stibo Systems announced that the two companies are partnering to enable any company engaged in digital commerce to provide their customers a modern and exceptional experience. In headless or composable commerce, computing, data storage and network resources are abstracted from their physical locations and can be managed via a web-based interface.

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“With Stibo Systems’ MDM solution we empower companies to take control over their different data domains, enable cross-border trade, and a frictionless commerce experience through accurate and enriched product data. With this partnership we believe we can solve complex enterprise commerce requirements,” says Neda Nia, Chief Product Officer at Stibo Systems.

fabric offers a “headless” commerce platform for retailers, merchandisers and sellers to streamline their e-commerce operations. Their headless commerce separates the front- and back-ends of e-commerce websites and applications to allow greater flexibility, more robust scaling and features such as faster page loads.

“Businesses that succeed today are utilizing data in ways that were previously considered science fiction,” said Ben Pressley, Chief Revenue Officer at fabric. “Stibo Systems’ innovative technology allows businesses to find the truth in their data and operations very quickly. When this is combined with fabric’s headless commerce product suite, businesses can effectively operationalize their data and create exceptional experiences for their customers.”

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