Immunize, startup for LGPD Compliance and Personal Data Management, Receives BRL 2 million in pre-seed round

After helping more than 300 companies to compliance with brazilian law requiriments, the company will use investments to scale the product through digital sales

The Immunize System startup, offering a SaaS platform for compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) in Brazil, announces that it has received BRL 2 million in a pre-seed round coordinated by the startup accelerator Leavening.

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Established in 2020, Immunize, through its software, has already helped more than 300 companies to reach the requiriments laid down by the LGPD. “In just over a year the product has been organically validated in 40 different sectors. This response makes us confident about scaling the software throughout the country”, says Marcelo Martins, startup VP Sales.

With a view to democratising compliance with the new legislation, the goal is to reach 50,000 customers in five years. To this end, the startup has partners with players such as Fenacon, whose 40 thousand database counters can deliver the solution to your customers.

Based on its own software called DPOnet, the strategy is to be a 100% SaaS platform with EAD recurrence and training. “Immunize reduces the investment required for compliance with the law by 90%. The contribution places us at the next level of strategic planning”, says the CEO of Immunize, Ricardo Maravalhas.

The investment will provide automations in stages, such as the impact report, incident management and services to the Brazilian Data Protection Authority and data subjects.

“Immunize’s business model meets the conditions for short-term exponential growth. It is not only a commercial investment, but the involvement in the construction of a healthier business environment in Brazil“, claims Rafael Lima, Head of Leavening.

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