LabArchives™, the leading research data management SaaS application platform, has seen a trend of acceleration in growth in the past 18 months. Usage of LabArchives has increased more than 30% so far this year, which also constitutes a 50% increase over the same period from two years ago. More than 600 organizations around the world use LabArchives to manage their laboratory research data and document their findings.

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LabArchives has identified ease of use, support for many disciplines, and users themselves as the driving factors of the remarkable growth. In response, LabArchives has focused on the sustainability of this growth and continued investment in systems and scale as the demand for its lab workflow products greatly increases. LabArchives Inventory and LabArchives Scheduler, both released in 2020, are showing the same increased demand and usage as LabArchives ELN for Research.

In addition to the LabArchives ELN for Research, the LabArchives ELN for Education includes a collection of curated lab activities, which launched last year and is currently used in 340 courses by nearly 13,500 students. The curated content library contains a collection of STEM course labs, protocols, course packs, and relevant text material that has been used more than 1,750,000 times since its launch in early 2020. Teaching professors use the content for no charge in their courses and “push” their version of the course activity to each student in their class or section.

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