GDPR Edge Is Now Truyo

Renaming Reflects Demand for Privacy Rights Automation Beyond Europe

Privacy rights automation platform GDPR Edge changes name to Truyo. Privacy regulations are expanding beyond the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to include the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other states and countries. Truyo continues to set the industry standard for true enterprise-grade automation of privacy rights, furthering its commitment to help enterprise companies both assess and operationalize privacy compliance in an ever-changing global regulatory landscape.

Built originally for the GDPR, the Truyo platform is a collaboration between Intel and IntraEdge to bring automation to Subject Access Requests (SARs) and Consent Management. The CCPA is expected to further increase the volume, complexity and operational overhead of these requirements. Using a scalable combination of technologies and a customer-facing portal, Truyo can help companies eliminate up to 95% of the operational overhead associated with fulfilling rights of data subjects, including the ability to view, delete or anonymize data across dozens or thousands of back-end systems. Combined with workflow management, dashboard, logging and reporting, Truyo offers companies a complete Individual Rights management solution that can be updated automatically to stay current with regulations.

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“Privacy Portals created in-house by companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Garmin, which are backed by sophisticated automation, cost millions of dollars and take years of development in order to offer this self-serve experience to their customers,” said Dan Clarke, President of Products and Solutions at IntraEdge, which created the Truyo product in collaboration with Intel. “But Truyo provides the platform to let companies offer this same experience to their customers without all of the cost and time.”

For companies looking to process multiple requests per week, combing through hundreds of data sources, extracting data, packaging it, and ultimately deleting or anonymizing that data is a daunting task. Doing it in 30 days and in an auditable way is even more difficult. Add to this the security implications of validating identities and sending data in encrypted format, and enterprise privacy and IT teams can be easily overwhelmed. This pressure only increases in the event of a data breach.

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“Data breaches can generate many thousands of SARs in the wake of the breach announcement,” said Clarke. “We have seen breaches of a few thousand records generate enough SARs that the company can do nothing but respond to Access Requests for months afterwards.” Truyo helps companies to quickly implement a basic system to prepare for a minimal number of SARs, or to provide immediate relief, while enabling advanced automation for long-term scale and preparedness.

A number of global partners, including Microsoft, BDO, and TrustArc already integrate the Truyo solution into larger privacy compliance offerings. As TrustArc CEO, Chris Babel, explains, “Truyo gives TrustArc clients the ability to scale this area of privacy operations which has been notoriously cumbersome for companies this last year. We are seeing the burden of SARs increase with new regulations imposing additional requirements. And our clients want to provide tools to their customers that communicate transparency and trust while at the same time easing the operational burden.”

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