Ground-Breaking Privacy-First Marketing Platform Welcomes Jason Voiovich to Advisory Board has appointed marketing expert Jason Voiovich to its distinguished Board of Advisors, joining world-renowned privacy expert Dr. Ann Cavoukian, amongst others. This addition helps MiDATA prepare their next-generation Privacy-First Marketing platform for growth and scaling on top of its much-anticipated beta launch to consumers and brands, also being announced this week.

“Jason has established himself as a leading voice on the future of marketing in a privacy-first world,” said Paul Marek, CEO and chief strategist behind the MiDATA platform. “Traditional thinking and strategies are becoming less and less effective as people increasingly block or skip ads in frustration or in fear of surveillance-based tactics. Jason’s visionary insights and deep industry relationships will help us expedite a much-needed change in those tactics, strategies and thinking.”

MiDATA is a privacy-focused platform that allows consumers to self-curate and protect their data while getting paid to provide insights and engage directly with brands. Powered by IBM Watson technology and in partnership with IBM Innovation in Toronto, MiDATA provides brands with a way to precisely target and engage with consumers while at the same time empowering consumers to control their data by managing the consent they give to brands.

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“I joined the MiDATA Board of Advisors because I believe marketing cannot continue to use the same privacy-last tactics in a privacy-savvy world,” said Voiovich. “MiDATA flips the notion of traditional advertising on its head, creating a mutually-beneficial relationship between brands and consumers.”

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“In two to five years, brands who choose not to develop consumer relationships based on respect will be left behind”, Voiovich added. “MiDATA’s innovative win/win approach has it well-positioned to help forward-thinking brands gain a competitive advantage at the forefront of this trend.”

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