Kochava Introduces Intelligent Consent Management Technology To Streamline GDPR Compliance For Marketers

The Intelligent Consent Management Tool Automatically Requests Consent to Data Use Triggered by In-App Changes; Company Also Announces New EMEA Sales Team

Kochava, the industry leader providing holistic measurement solutions for connected devices, launches Intelligent Consent Management, a new tool to help marketers comply with data privacy changes, in particular, the European Union’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that will take effect in May 2018. Kochava also announces the expansion of their Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) sales team in response to recent international growth.

Kochava developed Intelligent Consent Management to assist marketers in requesting consumer (user) consent and complying with the updated consent regulations. The new tool will regularly request user consent with in-app changes or at specified times. The tool works as an in-app triggering mechanism to prompt for consent when there has been a change in how the data collected will be shared, such as with a media partner change. User consent is delivered to the marketer and approved partners via a consent signal/postback. To begin using the tool, current Kochava customers should update to the newest version of the Kochava SDK.

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CEO, Kochava
Charles Manning

“The Intelligent Consent Management tool will help allay many of the concerns marketers might have about how to comply with the new regulations,” said Charles Manning, CEO at Kochava. “Kochava takes data collection and privacy seriously. As evidenced with GDPR, the marketing world is moving toward a user-consent-driven paradigm that we, as a company, respect and adhere to. Our customers depend on us to develop tools that provide actionable insights and achieve targeted marketing success. We value our customers and will continue to support their international marketing goals while handling any compliance critical to industry development.”

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Kochava and GDPR Compliance

Like so many companies worldwide, Kochava has been preparing for the GDPR regulations aimed at protecting the data rights of consumers in the EU. Although created to protect the rights of individuals in the EU, the regulations will impact every company doing business with the region. To comply with the new standards and inform customers as to how Kochava processes their data, the company has published a comprehensive privacy and compliance documentation on their website.

Kochava adheres to industry privacy standards across all of its platforms. Free App Analytics, the company’s free measurement platform, will continue processing EU data on behalf of its customers in accordance with the GDPR. This EU data, however, will no longer be made available to advertisers to create and target audiences in the Kochava Collective. The Kochava Collective, the company’s independent data marketplace, will no longer include any data from the EU.

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New EMEA Sales Team

To support the company’s growth in the EMEA region and answer customer questions about GDPR, Kochava welcomes the following experienced sales team: Stéphane Panyasiri, head of EMEA sales; Olivier Missir, business development for EMEA sales and Nicolas Reggiani, business development for EMEA sales. They are available to handle any concerns regarding how Kochava uses data and complies with GDPR.

“The new sales team has decades of experience in digital advertising and are intimately familiar with regulatory developments within the region and are ready to assist new and existing customers in gaining the greatest value out of our platform,” Manning said. “We also look forward to assisting our customers as they transition to GDPR compliance using our Intelligent Consent Management. We will always work to give marketers the latest tools to simplify their work while continuing to provide valuable data and insight to maximize reach.”

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