Norton Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report Reveals Online Tracking is More Rampant Than Most Realize

Learn How Scammers Use Current Events and Pop Culture Trends to Lure Victims

NortonLifeLock NortonLifeLock is global research team, Norton Labs, today published its fourth quarterly Consumer Cyber Safety Pulse Report, detailing the top consumer cybersecurity insights and takeaways from October through December 2021. Leveraging the company’s global threat telemetry, the analysis includes new findings on the omnipresence of online trackers and the top scams dominating the final quarter.

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Norton Labs found that consumers are tracked as soon as they go online by many different organizations, and the trackers collect significantly more of our digital lives than previously reported, including sensitive information about individuals. Notably, Norton found that half of the tracking organizations encountered in one week come through within the first two hours of browsing – suggesting that even if users were to clear their browsing history every day, it would only take an average of two hours to re-encounter half of all online trackers.

“While it’s common knowledge that web trackers follow us around the internet, our privacy researchers were surprised to find that some online trackers know up to 80% of a user’s browsing history. We hope these findings shine a light on online tracking and empower consumers to take back their privacy,” says Darren Shou, Head of Technology, NortonLifeLock.

This quarter, Norton also found scams tied to Covid-19 and pop-culture moments among all the other usual suspects. Cybercriminals continued to exploit the pandemic with Covid-19 scams that capitalized off the ever-evolving situation. Moreover, they continued to leverage interest in popular shows like “Squid Game,” with phishing scams disguised as giveaways.

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