Quikteks Tech Support Warns Consumers Of Increasing Adware Attacks

New Jersey business technology solutions experts offer guidance on protecting against advertising-supported software

As the coronavirus pandemic began sweeping our world and more offices moved to remote work last year, adware attacks spiked 36 percent.*

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Advertising-supported software, or adware, pops up unwanted ads on a victim’s computer. The seemingly harmless software doesn’t just serve up annoying digital advertisements to generate revenue. Often it is used for malicious purposes, such as adding spyware and altering default browser settings. Adware can also include hidden “keylogger” software that track keystrokes and steals sensitive information like passwords.

Anyone using a Windows, Mac or Android device is especially vulnerable to the onslaught of aggressive adware attacks that have been on the rise over the last year.

Andrew Rich, founder and CEO of the managed IT firm Quikteks Tech Support, says he expects to see adware attacks holding strong through 2021.

“As the dominant threat category for consumers, we know that adware aren’t going away any time soon,” Rich said. “That said, there are things individuals and businesses can do to curb the risks associated with this ubiquitous cyber threat.”

To avoid or prevent adware attacks, Rich and the Quikteks team are offering four safety tips to keep computers safe:

1. Think twice before downloading something: Only download files from well-known and verified websites.
2. Download a malware scanner: Choose reputable malware scanning software and then scan regularly to identify adware on a device.
3. Actively remove adware: If a scanner detects advertising-supported software, uninstall it immediately.
4. Consider using antivirus software: Make sure a computer is able to scan for other malware and viruses in addition to identifying adware.

Rich said Quikteks’ managed IT experts are prepared to help businesses identify and install the best adware scanning software to avoid attacks.

“At Quikteks we do everything we can to help our clients keep their computers free of adware,” he said. “Call our office to schedule a free consultation on how to keep your business secured and protected.”

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