SAS Protects its Booking Site from Account Takeovers with Radware’s Bot Manager

Radware, a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, announced that SAS, Scandinavia’s leading airline, is using Radware’s Bot Manager with associated managed services to protect its booking site,, from account takeover attacks.

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The airline industry relies heavily on online purchases. As a result, it is heavily targeted by cyber attackers who deploy bots to perform attacks, such as credential cracking and credential stuffing, to take over accounts.

When SAS suspected bots were responsible for attacks on its booking site, it contacted Radware for help. The Radware Bot Manager’s intent-based deep behavioral analysis successfully identified and mitigated the distributed bad bot traffic, while ensuring that legitimate user traffic was not affected.

“Bots are a real danger for airlines. The threats they pose jeopardize user privacy, which is unacceptable,” said Thomas Widen, CISO at SAS. “The Radware Bot Manager helps us safeguard the customer experience with minimally invasive solutions. With it, we are able to mitigate distributed attacks without impacting legitimate traffic or disrupting our operations.”

“From denial of inventory to account takeover attacks, bad bots can wreak havoc on an airline’s bottom line,” said Pavan Thatha, head of bot management solutions for Radware. “Security and availability are paramount for travel booking sites. Without proper bot detection and mitigation, data breaches and revenue loss can occur – a dangerous combination.”

The Radware Bot Manager provides comprehensive protection of web applications, mobile apps, and APIs from automated threats like bots. Bot Manager provides precise bot management across all channels by combining behavioral modeling for granular intent analysis, collective bot intelligence, and fingerprinting of browsers, devices, and machines. It protects against all forms of account takeover, denial of inventory, DDoS, ad and payment fraud, and web scraping to help organizations safeguard and grow their online operations.

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