TIKI Raises Over $400,000 From Users With Successful Equity Crowdfunding

TIKI, a revolutionary new data-privacy app that pledges to return data ownership to its users, has announced the success of its recent equity crowdfunding raise via StartEngine.

The campaign which began on August 26 and culminated on October 31 resulted in a $403,953 raise from over 300 unique investors. The raise marks a second raise from TIKI in 2021 following an initial $240,000 pre-seed raise earlier in the year.

TIKI, a powerful advocate for keeping users at the forefront of decision making, chose  equity crowdfunding as a method to align users and investors. The raise demonstrates TIKI’s dedication to those actively engaged in their innovative new technology.

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“We started this with the simple belief that users should be in control of their data. Raising capital as an early-stage start-up is always delicate because short-term raises have long-term consequences. At TIKI our users are at the crux of everything we do. It’s unfortunate, but often early investments result in future conflict; that’s the reality of the unknown. Through equity crowdfunding, we believe we will mitigate future strife by ensuring those invested in our company are the people we’re building the product for. When your investors are your users, it’s easier to stay user-centric. The campaign has been a great success and we are excited for all we will achieve with the funds.”

The company, started in late 2020, aims to use the money to accelerate the development of its beta application in line with a Q1 2022 public release. Continued addition of engineering talent is a top priority as the company works to build for its 130,000 user waitlist and 30,000 beta users.

“This is where we put our money where our mouths are,” said Audi. “This raise gives us the runway to get out to our users an amazing product. The next few months are crucial in moving from idea to reality.”

After announcing the launch of the TIKI Knowledge Graph in October which aggregates billions of anonymous user data points to produce valuable, contextual, real-time consumer insights, the company has begun working with industry leaders across various sectors to understand specific data use cases as a part of their steering committee. As privacy-centric changes from companies like Apple shift the marketing landscape, the steering committee aims to help TIKI gain a firmer understanding of what data companies want and need and how they plan on using it, bringing the company closer to following through on our promise to bring data control to their dedicated users.

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