The Data Revolution Has Arrived – Data Vault Holdings Inc. Launches The Information Data Exchange™

The release of its patented, data-backed, crypto valuation, visualization, and monetization software positions the company to dominate

Data Vault Holdings Inc. has announced the launch of its Datavault™ and Information Data Exchange™ (IDE), a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution offering data valuation, visualization, and monetization. Through the use of advanced blockchain technology, the proprietary platform is designed for businesses that seek to monetize their data assets. With successful implementations across a number of validated case studies, the fintech visionary stands on the precipice of helping to democratically rewrite the data narrative for its clients and partners. Datavault™ provides its customers with the tools to take back and control their own story, by owning and properly managing data assets that increase profitability and offer value propositions for businesses worldwide.

“We are leading the data vanguard with a proven strategy to place power and freedom back into the hands of businesses and consumers—liberty, equality, data,” says Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings Inc.

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Mr. Bradley went on to say, “What is special about what we have created at Datavault™, is our platform’s ability to create data monetization opportunities for our clients and partners. We’ve arrived at the point where data has become an integral currency for all human beings and for all companies. The ability for individuals and companies to realize that they create monetizable data on a daily basis has been truly eye-opening.”

Datavault™ offers clients and partners such as The Original Soupman new revenue-driving opportunities, and Carter Brothers Management Services with a more reliable diversity and inclusion index for business expansion. The Original Soupman is using Datavault™ tokenomics to power a new franchise model that leverages the strengths of their brand and data assets; the process has brought new life to the iconic brand’s business strategy. In an era where a social media magnate can grow a market cap of $1 trillion by way of user data, Datavault™ challenges this reality with a social contract that gives rather than takes.

Earlier this year, Datavault™ helped Carter Brothers develop a more qualitative measurement of diversity and inclusion efforts. Datavault™ also enabled the creation of a data monetization strategy to enhance and grow Carter Brothers’ consulting business.

Commodities, including diamonds, precious metals, and carbon credits, are the subject of tokenization projects that Datavault™ is currently collaborating on with leading commodities manufacturers.

Additionally, Datavault™ works with individuals and businesses to find industry insights that help them maintain good financial health by organizing and monetizing their data assets with novel technology. Datavault™ ensures the protection of client data through its partnership with Israeli-based WhiteHat Security.

The patented Datavault™ solution acts as a Data Quarterback® for businesses large and small via the following tools and systems:

  • Data Refinery: structure and index data, and then transform it into a digital object
  • Datavault™: visualize various data sets in their metaform, valuing the data assets and unlocking their latent potential
  • Information Data Exchange: list data objects for sale to registered buyers on a securitized patented crypto data exchange

Datavault™ allows users to engage with data and experience it in a multimedia, 3D immersive metaverse. Businesses can mix-and-match numbers and trends to develop solutions or potential outcomes through the gamification of both individual and/or combined data.

Datavault™ capitalizes on the use of the token economy, called tokenomics, to trade proprietary and non-proprietary data securely. A unique token is assigned and representative of customers’ data objects. They are then priced by Datavault™ customers for sale on the protected Information Data Exchange™, powered by blockchain technology.

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The Data Revolution has arrived, and the time has come for companies across industries to understand the value of data within their organization. With Datavault™, companies now have the power to reclaim, monetize, and create a story for the greater good of their businesses.

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