Top Corp, a leading brand engagement and data platform has partnered with Trading Up Media, a premier growth marketing agency, to offer advertisers a new interactive ad unit, Cookieless Media™, that allows ad viewers to vote on engaging brand polls all from within a digital advertising unit, without the need for cookies.

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Trading Up Media is utilizing Top Corp’s hyper-targeted interactive ad units for their clients using programmatic advertising solutions. Top Corp’s technology enables brands to collect customer data by introducing polling and voting digital advertising units across all formats, devices, and channels. The privacy compliant tool provides ad viewers with the opportunity to share their opinion and get incentives like discounts or other offers while digital advertisers benefit from the richest, most up-to-date consumer data.

“Top’s Cookieless Media solution is the perfect way for advertisers to connect with their target audience with interactive content and tailored incentives,” said Catherine Alton, CEO of Trading Up Media. “The immersive ad units provide a more personalized and engaging experience for ad viewers, and the advertisers benefit from the direct responses and real-time feedback from their target audience.”

“We are excited to partner with Trading Up Media to transform digital advertising for both advertisers and audiences,” said Will Cohen, CEO of Top Corp. “This partnership gives advertisers the people, technology and data to deliver unmatched digital experiences for their target audience, without the need for cookies, which are going to be sunset soon on most browsers and devices.”

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