A Closer Look at Some of Adobe’s Latest AI-powered Enhancements

Buckle up, because Adobe’s recent updates are all about harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge your creative workflow across their entire Creative Cloud suite. Before elaborating further, we throw a little light on what Adobe has given to the market….over time:

Adobe has been a game-changer across creative industries. From pioneering vector graphics in Illustrator to ushering in non-linear editing with Premiere Pro, Adobe’s applications have revolutionized workflows, set industry standards, and made creative tools more accessible.

Designers, photographers, videographers, and other professionals benefit from increased efficiency, streamlined collaboration, and the ability to focus on the creative aspects of their work. Moreover, user-friendly interfaces and constant innovation empower new talent to enter the creative field, fostering a vibrant ecosystem fueled by cutting-edge technology and ever-evolving creative trends. In essence, Adobe software has not only transformed how creative work is done but also who can do it.

Adobe’s recent artificial intelligence advances have helped add to the benefits of their software suite, let’s explore in detail:

Photoshop: Where Imagination Meets Reality with Generative Fill

Say goodbye to tedious background creation or awkwardly filling in missing elements. Photoshop’s ground-breaking Generative Fill tool leverages the magic of AI to seamlessly fill any area you define. Imagine wanting to expand your canvas, remove an unwanted object, or change the background entirely. Simply select the area and let Generative Fill work its wonders. It analyzes the surrounding content and suggests various options that blend flawlessly with the existing image. This opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to focus on your creative vision, not your technical limitations.

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Illustrator: Text to Vector Graphics—Effortless Conversion

For vector artists, the new Text to Vector Graphics feature in Illustrator is a game-changer. Gone are the days of painstakingly recreating text into vector shapes. Simply type your text, select it, and with a single click, Illustrator uses AI to convert it into fully editable vector graphics! This not only saves you precious time but also ensures perfect scaling and crisp lines, regardless of how much you enlarge your design.

Adobe Express: AI Magic at Your Fingertips

The user-friendly Adobe Express app, an all-in-one content creation tool, now boasts its own AI capabilities. “Gen-AI” empowers you to generate stunning and unique design elements, including logos, social media posts, and marketing materials, with just a few clicks. Simply describe your desired theme or style, and let AI generate a variety of options to spark your creativity. This is perfect for anyone who wants to create professional-looking content without needing extensive graphic design expertise. You can also link a .psd and .ai file so that your edits remain in sync always.

Lightroom: AI Portrait Perfection

Portrait photographers, rejoice! Lightroom now offers AI-powered lens blur, allowing you to achieve that beautiful bokeh effect with incredible precision. Say goodbye to hours of painstaking masking and hello to effortless background manipulation. This feature intelligently analyzes your portrait and automatically creates a natural-looking blur effect, highlighting your subject and adding a touch of professional polish.

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Premiere Pro: The Power of Words for Faster Editing

We all know the initial stages of video editing can involve creating rough cuts and organizing footage. Premiere Pro’s new AI-powered text-based editing streamlines this process dramatically. Simply transcribe your audio or import a script, and Premiere Pro automatically generates a rough cut based on the dialogue and scene changes. This saves you hours of manual editing and allows you to focus on fine-tuning your project.

After Effects: AI Simplifies Rotoscoping

Isolating complex objects for animation or visual effects can be a tedious task. After Effects steps in with its new AI-powered Roto Brush. This intelligent tool analyzes your footage and automatically generates a roto (mask) around the object you want to isolate. This removes the painstaking manual frame-by-frame process, especially for objects with intricate details or those with motion blur.

Top Enhancements Across Various Categories:

To summarize; Adobe has majorly worked on six major aspects that defined its being in the creative industry:

Photography: Notable improvements focus on lens blur, HDR optimization, denoising, mobile editing, localized adjustments, and color adjustments.

Graphic Design: Significant enhancements include generative fill, blending options, final touch adjustments, recoloring tools, text manipulation, gradient snapping, and object manipulation.

Video Editing: Prominent innovative features involve a motion library, timeline speed controls, speech enhancement tools, 3D rendering capabilities, improvements to the roto brush tool, and seamless integration for importing 3D models.

Illustration: Similar to graphic design and video features, with a focus on snapping, rendering, generative content creation, color manipulation, object blending, and touch-up tools. The key differentiator is the ability to mock up designs with a single click and enhanced touch functionality.

Social Media Editing: While sharing similarities with the aforementioned categories, the emphasis here is on Photoshop Express, offering selective editing options, a variety of filters, layering capabilities for images, and the ability to create custom stickers for personalizing content.

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Other important tool perks:

  1. Adobe fonts:
  • 180+ variable fonts from 40 foundries
  • Explore fonts in popular adobe express templates
  • Access 10 new variable font families from Adobe


  1. Adobe Stock:
  • Generate customized images with a text prompt
  • Download images with transparent background
  • Get new asset types like vertical videos, free audio and audio loops
  • Get new subscription plans that include video credits


  1. Bridge:
  • You can change panel arrangements across monitors
  • You can work on multiple folders at a same time

What the future holds:

Adobe is pushing its boundaries constantly. Adobe’s dedication to innovation is evident in these latest updates. With AI as a powerful tool in your creative arsenal, the possibilities are endless.

The future will be commanded by:

  • AI-powered design assistants: Imagine leveraging AI for automated design tasks, like generating layout suggestions or creating basic design elements, freeing up your time for the more creative aspects of your work.
  • Enhanced collaboration tools: Seamless collaboration across teams and locations will become even more intuitive and efficient, allowing for real-time feedback and streamlined project management.
  • Democratization of creativity: With AI-powered features becoming more accessible, even those without extensive design experience will be able to create professional-looking content.

Final Thoughts:

By integrating AI into their suite of tools, Adobe empowers users to unlock new realms of imagination and innovation. With AI as a formidable ally in your creative endeavors, the horizon expands infinitely, offering boundless opportunities for exploration and expression. It’s an exhilarating time to dive into the ever-evolving landscape of creative possibility, all made possible by Adobe’s dedication to innovation and excellence. So seize the moment, unleash your creativity, and embark on a thrilling journey into the future of digital expression with Adobe by your side.

**The primary author of this staff article is, Vaishnavi Vaidya

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