Alight Analytics Introduces Marketing Dashboard Templates for Tableau

Ready-To-Use Templates, Powered by Channelmix Oneview Technology, Allow Marketing Teams to Deliver Advanced, Channel-Level Reporting Faster Than Ever

Alight Analytics, the industry leader in marketing analytics, is launching a ready-to-use suite of marketing dashboard templates designed exclusively for use with Tableau Software.
The templates are built to work with Alight’s ChannelMix platform for marketing data aggregation and management. Marketers have to establish only a single data connection — to ChannelMix — to begin using their new dashboards, which deliver a channel-level view of marketing performance.
“Marketers love dashboards, and for good reason: They’re an amazingly effective way to communicate complex information to clients and internal teams,” said Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics’ CEO and co-founder.
“The only problem is that building a truly great dashboard can take serious amounts of time, especially if you’re trying to stitch together data from different sources. With our new dashboard templates, we’re helping clients to get up and running as fast as possible.”
Built on top of the ChannelMix OneView technology, the marketing dashboards seamlessly bring together multiple data sources into a single visualization, offering a comprehensive and accurate view of an entire channel’s performance. The suite will launch with five templates:
  • Paid Media: Search, social, digital, display — all in a single unified dashboard
  • Paid Search: Performance metrics for all of a user’s search engines
  • Paid Social: All paid campaign results across all social channels
  • Organic Social: Engagement metrics for all social platforms
  • Web Analytics: Website performance metrics, including traffic, conversions, engagement and more
“Other solutions sell templates that ‘combine’ data sources, but they’re just haphazardly adding different metrics together,” said Jared Sloan, Alight’s director of data solutions.
“Their approach distorts what actually happened in a marketing campaign. In contrast, ChannelMix OneView harmonizes multiple data sources so that similar metrics are grouped together in a common taxonomy, without double-counting.”
ChannelMix OneView knows that a Facebook “like” and a “scroll up” in Snapchat both contribute to a larger measure of performance such as engagement.
Marketing teams interested in Alight’s marketing dashboard templates can attend a webinar demo on Thursday, May 16, or schedule a live demo by visiting the Alight Analytics website. The templates also can be viewed in Alight’s Tableau Public gallery. Alight plans to unveil even more dashboards in the coming months.
“Marketing dashboards are a core competency for Alight’s services team — from strategy, design and development to Tableau training that empowers marketers to create their own visualizations,” said Angie Bledsoe, Alight’s director of client solutions and insight.
“These new dashboard templates are just the latest example of our commitment to putting marketing data into users’ hands so they can make better decisions faster.”
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