Lunar Cow is Putting Destinations and Communities at Travelers’ Fingertips

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Lunar Cow Publishing has launched its new interactive map, trip planner, itinerary builder and mapping software called the iMap 3.0. The travel and tourism industry will benefit from the mobile interactive mapping software platform and technology that allows visitors, community members, members of business organizations and travelers around the nation plan their trips in advance of travelling or while at a destination.

This exciting proprietary interactive mapping software allows a user to view businesses within a community, view the different areas that make up the community, identify pre-planned itineraries, interface with things to do within the community, interact with trails within the community, view meetings, fairs, festivals, create personal itineraries and share information through social media. The interactive map has street level 360-degree views, live weather and traffic widgets, business photos, videos, description information, live links to websites and social media.

The iMap 3.0 is a mobile interactive technology that allows users to plan their trips, build itineraries, access calendar of events, get turn by turn directions while accessing Points of Interest (POI) data from businesses within the community or region. The iMap 3.0 is a feature rich mapping software that assists community members, visitors, chamber members and overall travelers to get more out of their travel destinations.

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This cutting-edge mobile interactive mapping software product incorporates a trip planning technology which enhances the user experience of the destination’s map. The iMap 3.0 is built using responsive design and HTML 5, which allows the software to automatically resize the screen real estate of the content to maximize viewing. The Lunar Cow iMap 3.0 is the perfect product to enhance the user experience for those viewing destination maps.

The iMap 3.0 includes an HTML 5 toolbar and interface that intuitively guides users through the community map. Simply clicking or tapping anywhere on the map accesses the rich features of the iMap 3.0. Easily move between pages based on the navigation configuration of your users’ devices. Mouse-enabled desktop devices utilize clicking, while mobile devices detect finger swiping.

Convention and Visitors Bureau members, visitors, and communities will be able to view the primary and secondary categories that will display the searched information. The information on the iMap 3.0 can be viewed easily on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, making destinations easily accessible and promoting deeper engagement.

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The iMap 3.0 has been designed to enhance the experience of a user when accessing our mobile mapping software which includes wayfinding, GPS, analytics, social sharing, printing, discounts, promotions, coupons, business descriptions, advertising, photos and videos. These benefits give users the tools and technology they require when travelling. You can access the mobile interactive technology from the Lunar Cow Publishing.

Lunar Cow Publishing President and Founder stated, “Travelers are seeking trip planning tools that help them collaborate with the community they are visiting. The iMap 3.0 delivers a mobile experience that incorporates an easy to use trip planning tool, the building of personal itineraries of things to do, places to go, lodging and dining options, dining and an overview of the community being visited.”

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