Openbridge Launches Premier ‘Data Marketplace’ for Integrations and Tools

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Openbridge Released a New Marketplace with over 600 Data Integrations and Analytics Tools to Accelerate Insights Efforts.

Openbridge, a leading provider of data pipeline solutions, introduced new data marketplace for integrations and tools that will accelerate the way companies harness data to deliver insights to decision-makers.

The new Openbridge marketplace solves one of the biggest challenges companies face today – an increasingly diverse and complex data and tools ecosystem. As more companies attempt to create a unified view of their consumers, they are finding data locked away in various marketing, mobile, social or media platforms. As a result, the data that fuels the insights decision-makers need is often out of reach.

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The Openbridge data marketplace makes it easy to discover data integrations and tools that are critical to the insight efforts of marketers, analysts, data scientists, and developers. These teams can now discover diverse data integrations and analytics tools they need across multiple data product and service providers.

The marketplace represents a rich catalog of social media, advertising, support, e-commerce, analytics, and other marketing technology categories. It includes 600+ data sources like Google Analytics 360, DoubleClick, Instagram, YouTube, Adobe Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, Hubspot and more. The marketplace will also include tools for data analysis, visualization, reporting and analysis like Tableau, Looker, Chartio, Mode Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik and others.

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Thomas Spicer
Thomas Spicer

“Being data-driven means having immediate and usable access to data, regardless of where it may be located today,” said Thomas Spicer, founder and CEO of Openbridge. “The Openbridge marketplace ensures simple and easy access to the largest possible selection of data integrations, analytics, query and visualization tools. By focusing on streamlining complex and time-consuming data pipeline processes for companies we can help them deliver more value to business users and decision-makers.”

The marketplace also provides product and service companies with a pipeline of qualified leads, revenue-generating customers and access to sought-after enterprise accounts. Beginning today, more than 600 data integrations and tools will be available via Openbridge for companies to easily connect with the data they need.

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